Another Sunday

Why do Sundays always have to be a boring day? It seems like nothing ever happens on a Sunday. Usually, I work on Sundays, but because it was Easter Sunday today, I didn’t have to. And even though I haven’t worked since yesterday, it seems as if I haven’t work for weeks! I guess I work too much. I mean, I’ve been working since I was in grade 6 so maybe all this time I got used to working.

Or maybe, it is just the fact that I don’t do much and it seems as if I haven’t done anything at all. I spent the whole day watching Chinese movies. I think I can speak the language now.

I don’t know what it is but I’m at that point in life where sitting around and doing nothing isn’t acceptable. I’m getting old and I should be doing more with life. While others are out there partying, I’m at home doing work. Running a company takes a lot of effort, especially if it’s something that you started up. If I was working for another company, it’d be different, but because it’s a company my friends and I started, there’s a lot more effort that needs to be put into it.

When the company first got started, I was running around registering this and that. We have a Business Identification Number, Retail Sales Tax number and even our own domain. Those were the easy steps. Now we have to get our own business cards made up and that’s in the process of being complete, along with the website. And then there’s the matter of getting clients. That right now it’s not bad, there’s quite the demand for web designing, but we don’t have a price plan as of yet. My business partners and I will have to discuss at our next meeting. But as of lately, I like the way things are moving. It’s a slow progress but nonetheless, it’s progress.

12hr Shifts Sucks!

This is the last time I’m agreeing to take a 12hr shift for security. Not that it was hard or anything, it’s just that, well, it sucks.. I only agreed to take it because the supervisor is sort of a sweet talker. She’s a nice lady but I hear that she’s not really as nice as she seems to be. I never had any problems with her, but I guess other guards do.

But anyways, the site that I was covering wasn’t too bad. I stayed inside most of the time. I just had to do the hourly patrols that lasted, at most, 25 minutes. And the rest of the time, I just sat there. I couldn’t do much because there just wasn’t anything to do. I tried doing some work, but all I had was a pen and blank piece of paper.

It was hard to concentrate because the place stunk. It’s a factory and I guess the smell was from the oil that was being used to lubricate the machines. It stunk in some places more than others. Some parts of the factory were colder than others. It was just a weird place to be. After a while I started getting high off the fumes, started getting dizzy a little, and tiredness just started kicking in as the day goes by.

The hourly routines that I had to do were starting to get to me. Even thought I don’t do much, it was just a long shift, it takes a lot out of you. I’m tired right now, but I haven’t typed anything in my blog for a while, so I might as well do something before going to bed. I wrote a little something at work, but I’ll type that out later. I’m surprised I managed to stay up this late. I only had like 5hrs of sleep. Worse thing, I got to be up for 9am tomorrow for work again. It’s a good think I’m not working until Thursday. I’m going to take the time I have off, to do nothing but sit around the house. I look forward to that!

$5 Bill

Well, it’s a Monday and like other Mondays, I have to work. But before going to work I usually grab something to eat because that’s what most people do when they’re hungry. And when I’m hungry and I have to work, I usually go to KFC, because that’s the closest thing to where I work. I order the Classic Combo because it’s like the cheapest thing there, less than $5.

I’ve gotten to know some of the people that work there. The cashier doesn’t seem to like her job too much, but she puts up with it. The other girl that works in the back seems to be working there everyday. Even on my days off I see her working. She’s always got a smile on her face and that’s a hard thing to do when you’re working in fast food. Everyone thinks they can treat you like trash because you work in this line of business. I remembered when I worked at BK, I hated it. The job sucked, the pay was crappy and the customers are asses! But it was my coworkers that made the job worth while. Well… the coworkers and the girls that comes to the restaurant on the bar nights.

Anyways, back to KFC. I made my order and the total came up to $4.27. I gave the cashier $10.27 and she gave me back $5 bill and a loonie, you do the math. I stuck the change in my back pocket and thought nothing of it.

When I got home, i took out my change and threw it on my desk. That’s when I noticed that there was writing on the bill. It was a web address and the address was

I was curious to know what was on the site. At first, I thought it was a porno site or something, I mean coming… where’s willy? Hmmm sounds like it right? Please don’t tell me, I’m the only one that thinks this way.

Anyways, I get to the site and turns out, it’s a site where people write down the address on money to track it. I was like, “Hey! I was thinking of doing this.” So I signed up to see if I can track where this $5 bill came from, but turns out, there wasn’t a history for it. So I started one. The link below will take you to the site that is currently tracking some bills.

Track my $5 bill

Trip to Summit Direct

I didn’t have to work today so I spent the day running around here and running around there. My hard drive was slowly dying because it would automatically power down occasionally. And the S.M.A.R.T wasn’t detecting any errors in the drive, but I know eventually, it’ll go. So since I’m behind in the hard drive race, i figured I might as well upgrade now.

I took a trip over to Summit Direct by Centre Mall via the Barton bus. I hate the Barton bus. It’s the crappiest bus of them all. First of all, as soon as the bus started moving, there was trouble. A car that was stopped at the light didn’t move. The bus driver was honking like crazy! He must have honked like 20 times before that car even budged. Then we get to some stop and some weird people get on. You see the strangest and weirdest people of Hamilton on the Barton bus. There was this one kid who couldn’t keep still. He looked like he was in his late 20’s or something. He keeps swaying forward and backwards and sometimes he screams for no particular reason. His mom tried to keep him quiet but it didn’t work.

Then there was this other snobby little girl that wouldn’t shut up. And her mom wasn’t much of a help either, she was trying to annoy the kid or something. It’s a shame I didn’t have any music to listen to, so I can drown out my surroundings. Listening to music on the Barton bus is very helpful.

Then I finally arrive at Summit Direct and surprisingly I was greeted by the girl at the counter. She was kind of hot too, so obviously my good looks caught her attention. Aside from that, I looked around and found what I was looking for. The workers there were sort of helpful, almost I usually pretend like I know nothing about computers, just to hear what they have to say. But anyways, I got what I wanted and left. Luckily, I caught the next bus that was heading downtown within a 1 of leaving the store.

From where I was standing, it looked like the bus was packed! But when I got on, a couple people got off and sure enough, there was plenty of space at the back. But there were two people who didn’t want to sit down for some reason. I waited for the bus to stop and asked to get by. As soon as I sat down, the decided to sit down too. Weird, no?

Then I get to the next stop and see my friend running for the bus. I wasn’t sure if she was going make it because sometimes the bus driver doesn’t like to stop, even if you’re running like crazy to catch up. Luckily, she managed to get on. When she got on, she saw me but she sat up at the front. Once the bus stop, she came over to sit beside me. My good looks strikes again!

So anyways, Ester and I talked all the way from Centre Mall to downtown. We haven’t seen each other in a while so we had a lot of catching up to do. It was hard to believe that she was still in school. Every time I see her, we’re talking about school and that was a long time ago, so I figured she’d be done by now. But turns out, she keeps taking other stuff along with her program, so I guess she got side tracked. And of course, she’s always talking about badminton. It’s as if, it’s her dream to one day play badminton in the Olympics. I don’t know how good she is, but she’s always trying to get me to go play. I kind of suck and she’s been playing since high school, so I doubt I stand a chance.

Of course, eventually our conversation had to come to an end because she had to get off at her stop. And once again I ride the Barton bus alone. On the way downtown, a fight almost broke out because some punk kids were swearing in front of a little girl and some guy sort of mentioned it and they didn’t want to be told what to do. I can understand the guy’s concern. I mean come on, there’s a little girl right there. I don’t think there’s any need to be using foul language. Some people can be very disrespectful towards others. What is this world coming too?

Income Tax Return

Last night I didn’t go to bed until 4am. I’m usually up late because I’m working on something, you know, web related. And normally, I don’t get up till the middle of the afternoon. But today, I was up well before the middle of the afternoon. I was up at noon. Why was I up so early you ask? Well, the title of the blog might be a hint.

That right, I got my tax return! I did my own tax so I knew what I was going to get back, but when I ripped open the envelope and saw the amount I got back, man was I surprised. According to my calculations, I should have gotten approximately $800. But according to Revenue Canada, I made a little calculation error and they corrected it for me. With their calculations and adjustment, I got back an extra $600!! Hot diggety damn!!

How in the world did I make a $600 margin of error when I completed my return? That’s a lot of money. Not that I’ll see any of it since I have so much bills and a number of unpaid personal loans that someone refused to pay me back for, but that’s another blog. Anyway, it’s a good thing there are good people working at Revenue Canada otherwise they would have probably kept the $600 that they owed me. I have no idea where the error was made. I did everyone else’s tax just fine. They all received what I calculated. But oh well, I’m not going to complain with extra money.

Email Fraud

I don’t know if anyone has heard of this lately, but there seems to be a fake email going around. It claiming to verify your personal and banking information. The email has a link to some website, which supposedly looks like your bank’s website, but it’s a fake. Most people are already insecure with internet transaction and those who aren’t insecure about it should know if it’s a fake or not. So I don’t see why people are still falling for this.

I consider myself an average intermediate user of the internet so when I receive email asking for my personal information, I get a little suspicious. Heck, even if I get a phone call about it, I’m still not sure. One time I got a phone call about my Sears credit card. The person on the phone had an accident and was talking rather fast. I assumed he was a little nervous about the call. He asked me for the regular info, name and address and then he proceeds to give me information about my account, as a way to verify that he’s from Sears. I rarely used the card so I tried to tell him no, but it didn’t seem like he was going to hang up anytime soon, so I went with it. He offered me some discount and asked that I hold while he transferred me to the other department.

When the person in the other department picked up, he had no idea who I was. I told him the situation and he was still clueless. He was a mechanic at some shop. I’m thinking, WTF, why did he transfer me to a mechanic. After I hung up, I started to get worried because I just verified all my info to someone and I just talked to someone who has no one why I’m talking to him.

The guy that I talked to first called back, eventually and apologized for the wrong transfer. Turns out, everything was legit, he just transferred me to the wrong number. So all the worry was for nothing. Well, I wouldn’t say for nothing, I was worried for a reason and that reason being, someone out there has my info. Identity theft was a big thing last year. All they need is your name and address and they can pretty much do anything.

To everyone out there… be careful who you give your information out to. We’re living in a world where anyone is willing to do anything to get rich quick. So, just to be on the safe side, be a little paranoid sometimes. It might come in handy.

My Very First Blog

Hello and welcome to my first Blog. Some of you may not know what a blog is, so let me tell you. A Blog, or Web Log, is pretty much like a personal diary. It contains a collection of thoughts, events, links, just about anything. You can have whatever you want in your blog.

It’s pretty much like a website where you write stuff about anything. It’s a way of voicing your opinion on certain issues. Or even, share links to a specific website that I found interesting. It could also be used as a way to collect thoughts or even organize them. The most recent blog is the one that is at the top, so you can read what’s new. Since this is my first entry, obvious it’s on top but as the days go by, it’ll eventually be last.

And as the days go by, this page will have more functionally. As usual, I tend to make things better the best I can, as I go along. So right now, you can read, but later, you’ll be able to send your feedbacks on the current blog.