Visitors from far and wide…

Lately I’ve been tracking the countries that people are visiting my site from. For the last week alone, I’ve received visitors from all over like Austrailia, Brazil, China, India, Peru, Sinagore, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

What amazes me is how visitors find their way here from each of those countries. Assuming that my code to detect the country of orgin is working the way it should. I mean, I’m not the most popularest guy in the world or nothing but it’s hard to believe that people would juss randomly google my name and TA DA they land on my site. The chances of that is kinda slim. Unless they are looking for someone else, another computer guy named “Don Knuth” As you can see, that’s a 1 letter difference from my name. Heck it’s not even 1 letter, it’s more like a stem. Extend the line for the “n” and you get an “h”… is that wierd or what. Two geniuses and their names is 1 letter different. Coincident, I think not!

Anyways, I hope visitors from all over the world keep coming to my site. I’m curious as to how many different countries I can be well known in.. hehehe… Maybe I’ll be the next International man of mysytery. Yeah baby!

Happy Canada Day!

Oh, on a final note. To those who are visiting from other countries. July 1st is Canada Day. Today Canada turns 138 years old. I know, that’s kinda young compared to other countries but we’re getting there!

Happy Canada Day!!!

v.5 in the making!

Well, I think it’s time that this site gets another make over. Those who has been to the site from day one, first of all, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me by visiting the site everyday. It is your loyalty that encourages me to continue building my site and striving to make it better! Thank you all for the support you have shown so far!

Now on to the new layout! This is a new layout concept that I have been playing with, which I’ve never attempted before. I’ll be mixing PHP/MySQL with CSS and maybe a touch of Javascript, that’s nothing new. Right now, the whole site is pretty much database driven with PHP/MySQL. I hope to make it a little more interactactive. So if anyone has any ideas on how to make this site more interactive, suggestions are always welcomed.

The new look will have a more cleaner appearance to it, also, it will look a bit futuristic. Feedbacks on the make over are welcomed. Creative criticism helps me make the site better by getting rid of the things that don’t work.

Anyways, here’s a little peek at what’s to come. And yes, that is the same shirt as the one I’m wearing in the photo on the top right hand corner. I happen to like this shirt and it didn’t smell at the time so I wore it.

v5: Gun Metal

Each page will probably have a similar look all the way through, maybe some minor colour changes but I wanna try to keep the layout consistent.

Golfing with the big guy

I haven’t been to a driving range in ages. I think the last time I picked up a golf club was back in high school. And back then I was juss swingning and hoping to launch that golf ball as far as I could. Turns out, there’s a lot more to golf than juss hitting the ball really hard.

Golf clubs

The stance is important. You get your feet about shoulder length apart, you keep your elbow straight and you kept your eyes on the ball. I got part of that right, but usually, I take my eyes off the ball and concentrate on where I want it to go. That’s a bad move on my part. The thing is, once I take my eyes off the ball, I can’t guarantee that I’ll hit it, since I don’t see it. I rely on my swing to make contact with the ball. What you’re supposed to do is keep your eye on the ball until you make contact and then you follow through. Before I could never keep track of where I hit the ball because I’m looking else where. If you look at the ball as you make contact, your eyes see it better. It’s hard to see a white ball once it’s in the air.

If you can get the stance right, you don’t have to worry about how hard you hit the ball. Once I got that down, the ball juss launched itself. I think I was average 200 yards every time. And I noticed that the ball was going straight instead of curves way the hell to the right or way the hell to the left.

I think with my new skills I can beat Tiger Woods and Mike Wier any day! Bring it on!

Another quiet night at the library…

Or so I thought..

Everything was going fine. It was quiet, the library was gonna close soon and everyone would have gone home happy. But noooo, there had to be some sort of disturbance to mess up a quiet night.

I get a call from a staff on the 2nd floor asking security to remove someone. So I call the other guards and asked them to report to the 2nd floor and handle the situation, thinking it’s juss some kid who was on the computers that shouldn’t be on there.

Moments later, all I hear is screaming and shouting and swearing! I”m thinking, WTF is all that racket!? Next thing I knew, I could hear this lady screaming over the radio. The transmission went on and cut off momentarily, so I’m thinking that my coworker is in trouble and I’m not gonna juss stand there and look pretty, I ran upstairs to the 2nd to help her out.

When I got up there, this black lady was up in my coworkers face, screaming and swearing so I stepped in between. This lady acts all tough and stuff and started screaming and swearing at me. Then she has the nerves to call me Chinese! Not that, there’s anything wrong with that…

So, we let her scream and shout and swear all she wants, we juss had to get her out of the library. The elevator sure took its sweet time to get to the floor too and when it arrived, the lady got on. I had to get on with her to make sure that she’s going down and not upstairs to cause more commotion.

As soon as I got on, she jumped out, screaming and swearing at me some more. She continued down the stairs and then exited the library, but remained on the property where she continues to give security the finger. How nice of her to keep us in mind.

She stayed outside the library for quite some time. She even came up to the window, climbed on top of the garbage can and started banging on the window. While she was doing all that, I was talking to the dispatcher at the Police center.

It took the cops a while to get to the library but when they arrive, they didn’t do much. They asked some questions, took down some statements, the usually. And I found out something today, did you know that if you split at someone, you can be charged with assault? Oh yeah, split is a form of assault, somehow… Good to know.

After the officer was done talking with security, he went outside and escort the crazy lady off library property and hopefully to jail. She’s lucky I didn’t use my security guard kungfu on her! Because, you know, I’m chinese, I know kung fu!

It’s a girl!!!

Congratulations to Savoeun and Saron on the birth of their baby girl! Soriya Lily Chan was born at St. Joseph’s hospital on June 14, 2005 weighing in at 6lb 4oz.

It's a girl!

I received the call early Tuesday morning. I thought it was a call from work so I didn’t bother picking up my cell phone and tried to go back to sleep. And then my house phone started to ring. I was thinking, “man, work must really need me to go in right now.”

But turns out, it was Voeun calling to share the good news. I wanted to go visit them and asked where they were. Voeun said they’re in room B325. When I got to St. Joe’s, there was no B325. Figures, he’s always been bad with directions. Luckily I saw a sign that said 321-326 so i figured he meant the D wing not the B wing.

When I got to the room, Voeun’s mom and Saron were there, and some other lady and her family who recently had a baby too, but I wasn’t there to visit them, so bah…

What I found surprising was that the baby was very quiet. I didn’t hear her cry the whole time I was there. And when I went to hold her in my arms, she stuck out her tongue at me.. silly, juss like her dad.

A day of fun in the sun!

What a weekend! The weather was great, the food was great and spending time with friends couldn’t get any better!

Group picture

A group of us got together at Christi Lake for a day of fun and games. Sothy was done with school and he was heading to Cali for the summer, so this was for him. A little graduation celebration kinda thing. We got to Christi’s around 1 and didn’t leave until night fall.

The day started out slow but it started to pick up. We went canoeing first, for like an hour or so. The first group of us were fine. The second group, they were trouble. Chen and Justin were in a row boat and caught up to the girls and decided to rock their boat. I guess the girls got a little scared and started to rock the boat even more. All of a sudden, the girls were in the water. Chen and Justin jumped in, since they were the cause of it all, while Peter and Sothy contemplated as to whether they should jump in or not. Peter wasn’t gonna jump in unless Sothy jumped in and Sothy wasn’t gonna jump in unless Peter jumped in… but he “almost” jumped in, that’s what counts. So what do they do? They decided to go around collecting the slippers and paddles, cuz you know.. without the paddles, you won’t be able to get your deposit back.. heheheh.. But the girls were fine, they had life jackets on and everything.

After canoeing for an hour, we went back to our site and eat some more before getting a game of football. This was where things got bad. Although, it was touch football, a lot of us ended up bleeding. Sothy got kicked in the hip, Justin got scratched all over and I ended up bleeding somehow. The sun was pretty much at its peak by now and we were starting to get dehydrated, at least I was. We had to go into sudden death and finish the game, otherwise, we’d be really going into sudden death.

Group picture on bench

After we were done with football, we pretty much sat around for a while until everyone was re-energized. An old guy from another site came over and gave us strawberry icecream.. with real strawberries! It was okay, a little too sweet for my liking, but it’s all good.

The day continued with more sports. We had to wait for the retirement party to finish before we took over their volleyball net. We played until it started to get dark, then we had to leave and the mosquitoes were starting to come out. I didn’t wanna get all itchy or nothing.

All in all, the day was packed with activities, plenty of food and great times with friends. And before we left, me and my friend stole a couple lawn chairs. Now, I’ve got something to sit on while i’m chilling in my front yard.

Excuse me, Sir but your balls are showing…

Today was probably the weirdest day at work, only because of what I’m about to tell you.

A staff member approached security and informed us that the man sitting by the computer was … uhhhh… “showing too much”… And she suggested that we let him know. We joked about it and stuff but I didn’t think that I would be the one to tell him.

My boss told me to go over there and tell him that “his dogs are loose.” Another coworker suggested that I ask him to readjust his position. Of course, cuz they were being funny, I didn’t think they meant for me to actually go there and tell they guy. I mean, what was I supposed to say. I don’t think there was a polite way of saying this.

So walked up towards him and along the way, I had to think of something. When I approached him, the first thing I said was, “excuse me sir, but uhhhh, your dogs are loose.” Well, he was kinda old so he didn’t hear me. It’s bad enough having to say it once, but now I gotta repeat myself.

So this time, I said it more directly. “Someone pointed out to me something and she suggested that you… uhhh… close your legs.”

Again, he didn’t hear me. So now I have to repeat myself again for the 3rd time. As if the first 2 times weren’t bad enough. So I juss told him… “Sir, your balls are showing.”

Surely enough, he got the message. I was running out of ways to tell him. Maybe I should have told him to put Jabba back in his hut. I juss hope that I don’t have to do this again. Because if I do, I juss gonna come out and say it directly, “your balls are showing.”

Forever Means Never…

“Forever Means Never” is a CD that was released by my new coworker, Cara Kelterborn. It’s an EP (I think that’s what it’s called) because it’s not a full CD. This CD has 7 tracks on it. And I think they’re pretty good too.

The first track on the CD is titled “Butterfly Wings.” I’m not sure exactly of the genre of music she classifies herself under, but it’s the type of music that I would listen to. This track is probably my favourite out of all her songs so far. The song has a fast beat and some of the lyrics are catchy. I think that’s the important part to a song, the memorable lyrics.

Check out Cara’s site and take a listen to her songs and judge for yourself. Her new CD is in the making, so watch out for it! She says she writes like 1 song like every other day, so I’m sure she’s got plenty of material to release. This girl’s got skills!

I wish Cara all the best in pursuing her dreams. Maybe one day she’ll be #1 on the charts!

Forever Means Never

Wireless Internet at the mall

The internet is probably the best thing ever invented, well, the next best thing after the toaster. It has connected people in many different ways. You can talk to people from around the world in the comfort of your bedroom. You can visit another country without leaving your house. You can express your thoughts for the world to hear without having to say a word. The internet is making the world a smaller place.

Now that wireless standards are becoming more common, you can stay connected even more. In this modern age of cell phones and PDAs, you’re considered old school if you don’t have anything wireless. Wired devices are becoming rare and wireless is becoming more standard. You can do pretty much everything without having to be physically connected.

I’m typing this while I’m sitting at the food court in Jackson Square Mall. This area is known as a “hot spot” to those who are technologically illiterate. Someone, in the vicinity of this food court has a wireless router that is broadcasting its signal to any computer with a wireless card.

This brings up another issue. Am I stealing internet time since I’m using someone else’s signal? I would like to believe that I’m not doing anything wrong. I mean, I just sat here and turned on my laptop and it picked up the signal. I didn’t have to modify anything on my laptop in order to capture the signal. So unless I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing to gain access, I don’t think I’m doing anything illegal. Besides, maybe the owner of the wireless signal wants the connection to be open. If they wanted to protect the signal they could have easily turn on the encryption protocol but they chose not to. So I’m lead to believe that they want this line to be open and free for all. For that, I thank them. I’ve got time to enjoy my lunch, or dinner rather at this time, and I’ve got something to keep me busy while I sit here. And you can’t complain when it comes to free stuff…

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

I finally got the chance to go see “The Hicthhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” I’ve already read the book, which was a trilogy in 5 parts. Yes, it being in 5 parts defeats the purpose of a trilogy, but that’s where the humour lies. The book is about a journey a guy goes on, after the Earth is blown up to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

I found the novel to be very funny and interesting. Some of the things mentioned in it are very intriguing. It looks at life from a different perspective. A perspective that we would not call normal mainly because it’s just outrageous and unheard of. For instance, the Hitchhiker’s guide, which is a book in the novel, explains how to fly. In order to fly, you basically “throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Wierd way of looking at it, but it does make sense. Take some time and think about that, you might need a lot of time to fully comprehend the issue, but it’ll slowly sink in.

The novel also mentions the answer to “Life, the Universe, and Everything.” A civilization wanted to know the answer so they built a computer that could give them the answer, but the answer they were looking for didn’t make any sense to them. The computer explained that, it didn’t make any sense because they didn’t know what the actual question was in the first place. So they wanted to know the question. But in order to give them the question, another computer, one that was more powerful had to be built and it would take 10 million years to come up with the question. That computer was known as Earth. After 10 million years of waiting, the “Ultimate” question was about to be revealed when all of a sudden the Earth was blown up to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

The answer to life, the universe and everything

The question the civilization asked the computer was, “What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything?” The computer answered, “42.” You’re probably sitting there scratching your head. 42? It doesn’t make any sense does it? But maybe that’s the point to Life, the Univerise and Everything that it doesn’t have to make sense. That things don’t need a reason for happening, they happened juss because they happened. Why must there be reason? It’s the inner curiosity of the subconscious mind that questions thing. If you are going sit there and look for a meaning to every single detail, you will miss out on the larger picture. Like the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” And that’s just describing a 6×10 photograph. Life, on the other hand, is worth more than words.

Google’s answer