Hong Kong: Day 2, Part 3

My solo journey in Hong Kong eventually leads me to Lai Chi Kok Park. I don’t know how I managed to find this park. I think I got off the subway at the wrong stop and found myself in another district. As I was changing stations, I saw the park outside so I wandered around […]

Hong Kong: Day 2, Part 2

At first glance, Hong Kong might seem like a very dirty city to visit but the fact of the matter is it’s pretty clean. It just gives the appearance that it’s dirty but if you take a closer look, it’s actually a lot cleaner than Hamilton. The air quality is supposedly worse than Hamilton but […]

Hong Kong: Day 2, Part 1

The streets of Hong Kong are swarming with people no matter what time of day it is. At night, it gets a bit quiet but there are still people wandering around on the street. Every now and then, you’ll see the odd stray animal. But these animals didn’t look like they were stray animals because […]

Hong Kong: Day 1, Part 2

I had a lot of time to walk around on my first day in Hong Kong. My girlfriend had to teach so I wouldn’t see her again until 4:00pm or so. Until then, I continued my little adventure around the neighbourhood. My next stop was the harbour front. It’s not far from where I last […]

Vancouver Airport

When I got off the plane and walked into Vancouver Airport, I thought that it was a small place. As I started to walk towards my departure gate, I saw that it was a lot bigger than I had expected. It looked a lot bigger than the Pearson Airport in Toronto. I didn’t head to […]

Hong Kong, here I come

If you’ve never been on a long flight before, let me tell you that it is quite the experience. My flight from Vancouver, British Columbia to Hong Kong is supposed to be fifteen hours long. That’s a long time to be sitting down. You’re free to get up and walk around when the seat belt […]


I’m currently sitting around at the airport waiting to board my flight. The 7:00am flight that I was schedule for has been delayed due to snow. I have to sit and wait for the next plane which takes off at 8:00am. In the meantime, I’m also waiting for the store to open so I can […]