Europe: Day 15

Milan, Italy Milan was very quiet. I had a different picture of it in my head since it was one of the fashion capital of the world. I thought perhaps it would be a lot livelier than it was. My train arrived in Milan around 2:00PM. From the train station to my hotel was about […]

Europe: Day 14

Rome, Italy My second day in Rome wasn’t as eventful as yesterday. There were only two other sites that I wanted to hit before leaving the city. St. Peter’s Square and Castel Sant’Angelo. I was looking forward to seeing these two sites because of what I’ve read about them in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. […]

Europe: Day 13

Rome, Italy I arrived in Rome a lot earlier than I arrived in most of the other cities. I tried to schedule my train reservations in line with hotel check-in times but for Roma, I was about an hour and half early. I ended up just sitting in Roma Termini until 12:00PM and then I […]

Europe: Day 12

Florence, Italy I had an early train to catch to Florence. The night before, I realized that the train will stop at Firenze Rifredi but my hotel was closer to Firenze Santa Maria Novella. It was at least 45 minute walk in the heat with my luggage. It was a small mistake but oh well. […]

Europe: Day 11

Venice, Italy If there is a city that you should get lost in, it’s Venice. Whether it’s on purpose or by accident, Venice will challenge your sense of direction. If you do not have a map or an up-to-date GPS, you’ll be wandering around for hours. So it’s a good thing that there’s a few […]

Europe: Day 10

Venice, Italy I almost missed my train to Venice. I left Mel’s place about 45 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave but I kept missing one train after another. First the train to Sending Tor just left as I reached the bottom of the stairs. And then the train to Munich HBF just […]

Europe: Day 9

Hohenschwangau, Germany It’s my last day in Germany before taking off to Italy. The last few days have been amazing and will be very memorable. I’m not sure what the days to come will be like but I don’t think it will be the days in Munich. The last place to visit is Castle Neuschwanstein, […]

Europe: Day 8

Salzburg, Austria Today, we were off to Salzburg with a stop at Chiemsee, Bavaria’s largest lake. Salzburg is just under two hours away from Munich, with Chiemsee about half way in between. It was a nice drive along the country side. On a clear day, the Alps would be visible, but with the heat all […]

Europe: Day 7

Munich, Germany Today was a bit of a catch up day. I had some time before Mel got back so I started some laundry. I thought that my clothes would dry by the time Mel returned but little did I know that her washing machine takes about an hour to do the wash. At first, […]

Europe: Day 6

Bamberg, Germany Today, Mel has her cousin’s birthday party to attend in the evening so we made the most of the morning and early afternoon. The plan for the day is to visit two of the lakes in Bavaria, a monastery and then off to Bamberg, where Mel is from. I did not attend the […]