Microsoft Tech Days 2010

This year, I had the opportunity to attend an event in Toronto known as Tech Days 2010. I think it’s a yearly event and I don’t know which year they’re into now but all I know is that there was one last year and there’s probably another one next year. Tech Days is a learning […]

Smart phone post

I am probably one of the last person to jump onto the smart phone bandwagon. Working in I.T. you would think that I would be one of the early adopters but that’s not the case. Years after the Blackberries and the iPhones came out, I finally get my hands on a smart phone. A Blackberry […]

Impecable timing

My car couldn’t have broken down at a worse time. I’m not sure why it decided to break down tonight but a lot happened tonight and it would have been nice if I had the car. Since I didn’t have to car, I had to walk to work… at 11:00 at night. My brother gave […]

Dell Latitude XT2

I’ve got my hands on another laptop to play around with. This time it’s a Tablet PC manufactured by Dell called the Latitude XT2. It’s a visually appealing laptop and fairly light to handle. Lately, I’ve been handling laptops that are quite heavy so the XT2 didn’t feel like anything. The system that I’m testing […]

Zend Framework

I’ve finally got started on my project for the Internet Applications class. It’s good that I didn’t start earlier because if I did, I would have had to start over because the teacher wanted us to select a framework. I am used to creating things from scratch and if I made a mistake, I could […]

FrEee PC

Last month, Royal Bank ran a promotion for a free Asus Eee PC (pronounced “E”) if any customers who upgrade to their Signature No Limit banking package. I was updated to that package automatically because the package that I was using before was no longer available. The difference between my current package and the qualifying […]