Logitech Wireless Earphones

Last week, I was surfing around BestBuy.ca, searching for some SD cards. My dad said his coworker was selling some for cheap so I wanted to see how much they went for. On BestBuy.ca’s front page, there was one going for $30 after an instant discount. But that wasn’t what caught my attention at first. […]


I was talking with a relative today and she mentioned that I looked just like Johnny Knoxville. Most of you may know him from “Jackass: The Movie” or “Dukes of Hazzard.” Obviously, if you look at Knoxville and me, you will see that we look nothing alike. But something about his character in “The Ringer” […]

Why Me Sweetie?!

Recently, I got the chance to watch a Chinese romantic comedy movie called, “Why Me Sweetie” starring Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi. I can across this movie when I was watching a music video for a duet by Jolin Tsai and Andy On called “Angel of Love”. The video showed clips from the movie. […]

Love is love

“Love is love” is the title of a chinese movie that I recently saw. Stephen Chow is in it. He’s the guy that plays in Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. This movie was about a couple from the rural who struggles to make it on their own in the big city. From the start, […]

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

I finally got the chance to go see “The Hicthhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” I’ve already read the book, which was a trilogy in 5 parts. Yes, it being in 5 parts defeats the purpose of a trilogy, but that’s where the humour lies. The book is about a journey a guy goes on, after […]