Lost Symbol

“The Lost Symbol” is the latest novel by Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code.” I pre-ordered this novel because I was a Dan Brown fan but as I found out, there wasn’t any need to pre-order it since there were plenty of copies of the novel to go around. This novel is a […]

Insane in the brain

Transformers 2 blew my mind! I don’t care what the critics say, or what the reviewers think of it, the movie was so bad ass that it was super totally freaking awesome! Say what you want about Michael Bay’s directing style but the man knows how to blow things up. I haven’t read any reviews […]

Asus Eee 701SD: Ubuntu Eee

After playing around with the Eee PC for a while, I’ve decided that Xandros was not enough to do everything so I installed Ubuntu Eee. This distro gave me a bit more flexibility and control but not everything worked out of the box. I assumed that since the distro was made for the Asus Eee […]

It’s a Wonderful Life

I finally got a chance to watch good classical movie called It’s a Wonderful Life . I’ve heard a lot about it here and there but I have never seen it before. Oddly enough there were a few scenes in the movie that were pretty famous but I had no idea that it was from […]

The dream will come to you

Randy Pausch is probably an inspiration to millions of people. He’s very influential and his video has almost 7,000,000 views on YouTube. I’m sure that there are countless duplicates of that view and they probably been view just as much so you can see how much of his word is being spread around the world. […]

Final Theory

I’ve just finished reading my first book of the season. It’s called “Final Theory” by Mark Alpert. I haven’t read anything worthwhile lately but this book and fired up my reading engine back up and now I can get started on read more books. I must say that this book was an interested read and […]

Firefox 3

The latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser was released a few days back and I downloaded because I made a pledge to download it. Mozilla was looking to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most downloaded software or something and I think it achieved it. I didn’t know exactly what to […]