Cognito, ergo sum

I’m thinking too much these days for my own good. As hard as it may seem, I feel like I’m slowly exhausting my limited brain power. I’m sure the brain will continue to work no matter how exhausted it is but lately, too much thinking is making me tired. “Cognito, ergo sum“ is Latin which […]

Easily amused

I spent a good while this morning reading tongue twisters. I never paid them much attention before but this time it was different. I came across some tongue twisters and I just cracked up reading them. These weren’t the regular Seashells or Peter Piper tongue twisters either. I don’t know what it is but I […]

Dude, where’s my car?

I don’t know what it is about today but I can’t seem to find my car in the parking lot. It wasn’t that dark out so I shouldn’t have a problem finding it. But when I tried to unlock the door with my key, it wouldn’t budge. It happened a few times today and I […]


Some people don’t like to listen. Some will try to listen but they are hard of hearing. Some people will listen but won’t care about what you’re saying. And some of them will think that you’re too insignificant to listen to. When I talk, I hope that the other person is listening to what I’m […]

$5 hunting

I live close to an area where there could possibly be a lot of drunken people. There is a place called Hess Village and it’s located a few blocks away. And a couple of blocks west, you’ll be able to find a poll hall. The area that I live in is located close to everything. […]

Got pooped?

I think there’s this Asian saying that goes “You are considered lucky if a bird poops on your twice.” I am not sure of the origin of that but I’m sure it’s Asian. No other culture is as superstition as us. The adults have a superstition saying for just about anything. But this one is […]

Clumsy me

I may not appear to be but a lot of the times I am a clumsy guy. I would walk and trip over just about anything including my own feet. I’ve gotten my share of bumps and bruises due to my clumsiness but I think throughout the years I have improved. Or so I thought. […]