Book collection

Since my very first purchase of a book, I didn’t expect to have enough to build a library. One after one, the books started to pile up and eventually my collection started. Finding a place to store that collection was another thing. I didn’t have a bookshelf to put any of my books. For the […]


For someone who’s not in school anymore, I sure do a lot of reading. And it’s not the type of reading you do for academic purposes. This is just reading for pleasure. My book collection is starting to get larger and I’m slowly running out of shelf space. I’m going to have to clear up […]

Book club

My literature collection has grown substantially. The book case that I have in my room is actually being used as a book case instead of storage. I’m practically a library compared to my friends. When they need to borrow a book to read, they come to be instead of the library. The following books are […]

Another year of GQ

Some time last year I started subscribing to GQ. I was interested in this magazine because I had just started focusing on my company at the time so I was seeing myself as a business man. I wanted that “GQ Look.” It’s synonymous with that classic cool and sophistication look. The magazine has articles on […]