Jenn told me about this cool little website that creates beautiful word clouds for you. You can either type in a bunch of random words or you can use a blog feed to create the art. If you provide a blog feed, it’ll try to use words that appear in the feed frequently and make […]

Hosting upgrade

For a while now, I’ve wanted to upgrade my hosting package to something that would give me more space on the server. With all of my blog entries, I was slowly running out of space because of the pictures that I’ve been uploading. Even the entries themselves were taking up space on the database. I […]

Zend Framework

I’ve finally got started on my project for the Internet Applications class. It’s good that I didn’t start earlier because if I did, I would have had to start over because the teacher wanted us to select a framework. I am used to creating things from scratch and if I made a mistake, I could […]

Let it be done

As you can see, it looks like the migration was successful. I had some problems with some of the posts linking to the old address of “donkhuth.com/blog” but I found a little SQL statement that replaced everything so that it points to the new address. It was a quick little UPDATE query that updated 2,200 […]

IE vulnerability

There has been words of a security flaw in Internet Explorer (IE) that could allow hackers access to your computer. This flaw is possibly present in ALL version of IE. A lot of computers have already been compromised and some of them might not even know it. It is recommended that anyone using IE switch […]

Five years

Five years ago, on November 24, 2003, I registered donkhuth.com with 1and1. I’m surprised that I’ve managed to keep the domain up for this long since most of the things that I’ve owned rarely lasts any longer than year. I’m happy that I’ve kept this site up since it’s a good way to keep my […]


There’s a new search engine out and it’s claiming to be better than Google. That’s a pretty bold statement to make since Google is pretty popular. Google has been around for a long time and they’ve done a pretty good job at indexing the internet. Cuil (pronounced ‘cool’) is fairly new to the game but […]


Since the launch of Firefox 3, I’ve been playing around with some of the add-on that are available. I came across one called PicLens. It’s a cool little tool that allows you to view images in a 3D environment. It even saves you from having to click on each individual image to view it. When […]