Japanese tv show

A while ago, I posted a video about a Japanese show where the comedians got punished if they laugh. That series was now as Silent Library. There were a few more of them but I found the classroom one to be very funny. The humour of the video has long gone but now I’ve come […]

Learn English, Japanese style

I got a little bored here at work so I just surfed around a bit, read some blogs and watched some videos. I was thinking of writing up a blog for tomorrow but I decided not to do that right now because I’ll have plenty of time for that tomorrow anyway. I decided to surf […]

Hairy Women

I was chatting with a friend the last night and she mentioned that she just saw something on tv about a ‘No Scruf’ campaign. It’s a campaign where women will not shaven unless men do. I saw the commercial and it is not a pretty sight. I’ve seen a few hairy women around town and […]

New vocab

Since the day I started working in Brantford, I was introduced to some new phrases that I’ve never heard before. Some of them are pretty funny phrases. But they’re not phrases that I would use on a day to day basis. Seems like it is a day to day lingo around here. On day one, […]