Intellectually educated

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between an intelligent person and an educated person? It almost seems like the two goes hand in hand. An intelligent person is someone who’s educated and an educated person is someone who is intelligent. Makes sense doesn’t it? It does but there’s more to it. I think […]

Continuing education

I am back for another semester of university. I’ve planned on taking two courses this time around. I think that anything more than two courses will be a bit too much on my plate. I don’t think that I’ll have enough time to divvy up between work, personal life and education. But I think that […]

Done for the semester

I am finally free for the year from any more studying. I had two exams this week that were one a day after the other. This didn’t give me much time to study. What makes it even harder to study is the fact that I’m working full time. I’m not 100% sure whether or not […]

OB midterm exam

I’ve just gotten home from writing my Organizational Behaviour midterm and I’m exhausted. Never before has an exam taken so much out of me. I had three hours to complete the exam and I thought that I would need the full three hours but after two hours, I was done. I was nervous leading up […]

Your topic is approved

At the beginning of the semester, my professor informed the class that we had to select a topic for our term paper. For the past few weeks, it has taken me a while to think about what to write about. I wasn’t sure what a good topic would be. On top of that, it had […]

Shit just got real

I’m not saying that it wasn’t real before but it’s getting real now. I just got home from another lecture of Networking I and man, it’s starting to get harder and bit confusing. We covered a lot of grounds today and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do because a lot of the […]

Networking layer

A lot of us take for granted the amount of work our computers have to do in order to serve us the web. We launch a web browser, type in an address and almost instantly, a web page is shown to us. But most of us don’t know the amount of work that the computer […]