President Obama

I managed to catch parts of President Obama’s Inauguration speech and I’d have to say that he knows how to talk to the people. I’ve always thought that he had the voice for speaking to the public. Everything that he says is very fluid and each paragraph seem to flow very nicely into the next. […]

Election Day 2006

All across the country the polls are open as Canadians casts their ballots in the federal election. I haven’t been following the politics much but I know one thing is for sure, I’m not voting for the Conservatives. When I went to cast my vote, there were two names I recognized. Javid Mirza from the […]

So this is christmas?

What is this world coming to? The holiday season is supposed to be filled with joy, laughter and happiness in knowing that you can share the festivities with family and friends. But the celebration was cut short for the one family who lost their fifteen year old daughter because a bunch of stupid, mindless gangsters […]

CSI: Tim Horton’s

Holy phack! What the hell is this world coming to! I’m sitting here doing some work at Tim Horton’s when I started to hear some ruckuss going on behind me. I thought it was juss customers ordering and stuff but then things started to get a little louder. I turn around and some dude was […]