Europe: Day 4

Berlin, Germany The central train station in Berlin was pretty big. My train arrived on one level and I had to go down another level to get to the main street. I believe the train is accessible on three levels while the station has six levels contain commercial property. It was also hot in Berlin, […]

Europe: Day 3

Cologne, Germany I was greeted with hot weather in Cologne. From what I can tell on the weather map, all of Germany is in the 30s and can possibly get into the 40s. I arrived in Cologne around 4:00PM so that gave me just over 5hrs to walk around. But with the weather, I wasn’t […]

Europe: Day 2

Amsterdam, Netherlands I woke up early in the afternoon. I set the alarm the previous night for 7:00 AM and I’m not sure what happened but I didn’t hear phone alarm go off. The alarm automatically snoozed itself and never came on again. I think the only reason I managed to wake up was because […]

Europe: Day 1

Amsterdam, Netherlands I started the European trip at St. Pancras station in London. I’ve never taken the train from St Pancras International before. The process is very similar to the airport. You check in, go through the screening process and then you have a little chat with the border guards from France. It’s pretty straight […]

Stop in London

The flight overseas left Toronto a little late. I forgot the reason why it was slightly delayed. I think they were just waiting for people to show up. It worked out the best because I received an upgrade to business class. I didn’t take full advantage of it though. It was nice that I had […]

Off to Europe

And so it begins. Just waiting for my flight to board from Toronto to Halifax. As far as I know, I do not yet have a seat. I’m not entirely sure how that happens. Apparently the flight was oversold by two seats. So they’re going to board everyone and then see if there’s any no-show. […]

Update 2: 25 places I would like to visit one day

A few years back, I updated my list of 25 places that I would like to visit one day. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few more. So here’s the updated list. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Great Wall of China, China Angkor Wat, Cambodia Paris, France I will finally get the opportunity […]

Life on two wheels

A couple of months ago I bought a motorcycle. It’s an entirely different experience when you’re riding a motorcycle compared to driving a car. I’ve only been riding for a couple of months but I love the feeling thus far. I purchased a 2008 Honda CBR 125R. It’s a small little bike that’s great to […]

No more financial updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my site. But it’s nothing that I’m not accustomed to. Sometimes, I go MIA for a whole year before I am motivated to post anything. Seeing as my last post was dated way back in April, I figure that I might as well start up again. […]