Another Sunday

Why do Sundays always have to be a boring day? It seems like nothing ever happens on a Sunday. Usually, I work on Sundays, but because it was Easter Sunday today, I didn’t have to. And even though I haven’t worked since yesterday, it seems as if I haven’t work for weeks! I guess I […]

12hr Shifts Sucks!

This is the last time I’m agreeing to take a 12hr shift for security. Not that it was hard or anything, it’s just that, well, it sucks.. I only agreed to take it because the supervisor is sort of a sweet talker. She’s a nice lady but I hear that she’s not really as nice […]

$5 Bill

Well, it’s a Monday and like other Mondays, I have to work. But before going to work I usually grab something to eat because that’s what most people do when they’re hungry. And when I’m hungry and I have to work, I usually go to KFC, because that’s the closest thing to where I work. […]

Trip to Summit Direct

I didn’t have to work today so I spent the day running around here and running around there. My hard drive was slowly dying because it would automatically power down occasionally. And the S.M.A.R.T wasn’t detecting any errors in the drive, but I know eventually, it’ll go. So since I’m behind in the hard drive […]

Income Tax Return

Last night I didn’t go to bed until 4am. I’m usually up late because I’m working on something, you know, web related. And normally, I don’t get up till the middle of the afternoon. But today, I was up well before the middle of the afternoon. I was up at noon. Why was I up […]

Email Fraud

I don’t know if anyone has heard of this lately, but there seems to be a fake email going around. It claiming to verify your personal and banking information. The email has a link to some website, which supposedly looks like your bank’s website, but it’s a fake. Most people are already insecure with internet […]

My Very First Blog

Hello and welcome to my first Blog. Some of you may not know what a blog is, so let me tell you. A Blog, or Web Log, is pretty much like a personal diary. It contains a collection of thoughts, events, links, just about anything. You can have whatever you want in your blog. It’s […]