v.5 in the making!

Well, I think it’s time that this site gets another make over. Those who has been to the site from day one, first of all, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me by visiting the site everyday. It is your loyalty that encourages me to continue building my site […]

A day of fun in the sun!

What a weekend! The weather was great, the food was great and spending time with friends couldn’t get any better! A group of us got together at Christi Lake for a day of fun and games. Sothy was done with school and he was heading to Cali for the summer, so this was for him. […]

Wireless Internet at the mall

The internet is probably the best thing ever invented, well, the next best thing after the toaster. It has connected people in many different ways. You can talk to people from around the world in the comfort of your bedroom. You can visit another country without leaving your house. You can express your thoughts for […]

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

I finally got the chance to go see “The Hicthhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” I’ve already read the book, which was a trilogy in 5 parts. Yes, it being in 5 parts defeats the purpose of a trilogy, but that’s where the humour lies. The book is about a journey a guy goes on, after […]