Venice, Italy

I almost missed my train to Venice. I left Mel’s place about 45 minutes before the train was scheduled to leave but I kept missing one train after another.

First the train to Sending Tor just left as I reached the bottom of the stairs. And then the train to Munich HBF just took off as I was rounding the corner. The next train to the main station wasn’t scheduled to arrive for another 10 min which meant that I would miss the train to Venice. But then I recognized that the next train arriving stops at the same stops as the train that I just missed. The only difference was that this train didn’t go all the way to the end of the line. I had no choice but to hop on and hope that it was the correct train. Luckily, it was!

I was supposed to stop by the postal office to mail out some postcards but since I was running late, I didn’t have time. Also, Mel advised that it is expensive to mail out postcards from Italy. So every postcard that I buy in Italy will have to wait until Paris to be sent out.

By the time the train reached Venice, it was just after 6pm. And by the time I checked in into the hotel it was almost 7pm. So today was a rest day. I basically just checked in and then went around looking for a restaurant to get food. There was a small pizzeria in the area so I went there and had a quick bite.

I noticed that this part of Venice had a lot of elderly people, as of this was where they retired. It made for a peaceful walk except when this little dog started barking at me for no reason.

I went back to the hotel, connected my laptop and recharged everything. Tomorrow, I start walking around and getting lost in the streets and canals of Venice.