Munich, Germany

Today was a bit of a catch up day. I had some time before Mel got back so I started some laundry. I thought that my clothes would dry by the time Mel returned but little did I know that her washing machine takes about an hour to do the wash. At first, I thought I pressed the wrong buttons or perhaps I had to manually stop it once the cycles were done. But no, that’s just how her washing machine works.

Once the wash was done, I laid out my clothes on the drying board. I thought that perhaps it will dry in a couple of hours but it didn’t. Mel came back home and my clothes were still slightly wet. The one thing that I was hoping to dry were my shorts. To save some time, I decided to wear them and hope that the outside heat will dry them throughout the day.

Walking around with wet shorts isn’t all that comfortable, especially if you have to sit down but it was temporary. The temperature outside was in the 30s so my shorts dried within the hour, only to get a little soaked again from sweating.

We took a bus to see Schloss Nymphenburg, since it was on the way to Olympic park. The one thing that I noticed most about this castle was there were a lot of geese around. They could have been Canadian geese but I didn’t know how to tell for sure. There were a few other water fowls as well, which I slowly chased into the water. I hoped I did them as a favour as it was pretty hot out. Who wouldn’t want to cool down in the moat? If I was a duck, that’s what I would do.

The back yard of the castle had lots of statues, mainly with a Greek mythology theme. I recognized Zeus and Poseidon but I had no idea who the rest were. We didn’t stick around long enough to try and figure out who’s who. There was a bus coming to take us to Olympic park so we left.

The bus that was scheduled to arrive at the stop never showed up. We have a few minutes left to get to BMW world before it closed. By the time the bus came and drove us to the area, it was something like five minutes to closing. But as we got closer to the door, we saw that it was opened till 9:00PM. I think it was the store that closed at 6pm. There was a staff member at the door that looked like he was getting ready to lock the doors.

BMW World is pretty awesome! It has a showcase of all of the latest models of BMW cars and motorcycle, including a fully electric BWM i8. You can walk around, find out more about the cars and even learn about the technology behind BMW vehicles. Unfortunately, all of the cars were locked. It would have been nice to sit in one.

There were some nice BMW models on the floor. The one that caught my eye was the M5. I think it had a price tag of £130,000 and a top speed of 250. This car would go to waste in Canada. The fastest we can go is 120km/h, 130km/h if you’re in the Calgary area.

The motorcycles weren’t that cheap either. I think they ran around £10,000, maybe even more. We got the chance to sit on some of them and they were pretty comfortable, especially the touring motorcycles. But these motorcycles were massive compared to my CBR125. Perhaps one day I will be able to get one.

Outside of BMW World was the Olympic stadium. It was built for the 1972 Olympic Games. Just like every other city that hosted an Olympic game, the structure that commemorates the Olympic has to look unique in some way. The Olympic stadium in Munich looks like a futuristic tent. I think I’ve seen it before on the work computers but I always thought that was an airport in Germany somewhere.

Nowadays, the Olympic stadium is used for swimming and perhaps outdoor concerts. Today, there was a basketball tournament going on.

There were a few 3-on-3 basketball games occurring. I kind of miss playing basketball. It’s been so long since I was on the court. Watching the games brought back memories.

The basketball games were taking place at the lower part of the park. If you continue to climb uphill, you get a spectacular view of Munich, only this time it’s at the other end of town. St. Peter’s church gave you a view from the center of Munich while Olympic park’s view gave you a view from the outskirts of Munich. St. Peter’s church was visible from here. We also saw that there was some sort of festival going on, on the other side of the hill.

It was something called “Tollwood.” It’s a festival that brings awareness to the treatments animals before they are slaughtered for food. They promoted buying from companies have the “BIO” approval labels on them.

We walked around and checked out what was going on. There were a few tents with bands in them, playing Latin and Indian music. The entertainment wasn’t too bad.

We were going to meet up with Mel’s brother later on so we just grab a small drink. Mel got water and she suggested I get something called, “Amsdulradler.” Whatever it was, I couldn’t exactly pronounce it so I can’t spell it either. All I know was that it tasted like ginger ale.

After walking around for a bit, we grabbed a bus to meet up with Mike at a nearby biergarten. Mike was meeting up with some friends from school, a yearly tradition that they keep, which I found to be a good idea. All of the friends are from different parts of Germany so it’s nice that they’ve found time to meet up. I have a hard enough time bringing my friends together and they’re all in the same city.

Mike’s friends gave us some recommendation for tomorrow, when we’re heading to Chiemsee and Salzburg, Austria. That was very helpful of them.

Before they left, Mel and I went and grabbed some food and beer. I tried Schweinshaxe, or pork knuckle and weißbier, or white beer. I wasn’t too hungry so I only grabbed 1/2 pork knuckle (I had hard time finishing half). It wasn’t too bad. Parts of it tasted like the skin of roast pork in Chinese cuisine. The white beer was average tasting, nothing of note.

Before heading home, we walked over to the place where Oktoberfest is held. To Mel’s surprised, they were already starting to set up for Oktoberfest. It’s not schedule to take place for at least another two months. The area where Oktoberfest takes place is huge! We must have been walking for over a kilometer and most of it was all fenced off. Since events like this doesn’t usually take place in Canada, I can’t imagine how busy it can get. Mel tells me that certain beer tents can be full by 10:00 AM or so and it will be difficult to get in after that. People can be in line by 9:00AM and be crazy drunk by 10:00AM. People come from all over the world, just to attend Oktoberfest. I wouldn’t mind checking it out once but for now, if there’s beer at home, I’ll stay home.

We had one final stop before heading home. This statue is known as Bavaria, a female personification of the Bavarian homeland. Mel didn’t know the story because the statue but she could have made anything up and I would have believed. I don’t know any better.

When we got to the statue, there was a crowded of people just sitting around the steps. I was a little surprised by their presence because I didn’t hear the sound of people talking. I guess these people were just sitting around in silence.

So, that sums up Munich. I think I’ve seen just about everything that a tourist would see. It was nice to do some of the local things. Having a personal tourist helps a lot!