Berlin, Germany

The central train station in Berlin was pretty big. My train arrived on one level and I had to go down another level to get to the main street. I believe the train is accessible on three levels while the station has six levels contain commercial property.


It was also hot in Berlin, but I did not do much walking around. I had to meet up with a friend in the evening so I spend a bit of time in the hotel, just to cool off. I was going to go check out the remains of the Berlin wall but the train ride took a lot of energy out of me. It was a 4hr ride from Cologne to Berlin. At the beginning of the trip, I was seated in such a way that I was looking in the same direction that the train was going. Since it was going to be a long ride, I took a little nap. By the time I woke up, the train was going in the opposite direction. I can get a little motion sickness sometimes when my eyes do not agree with my brain. I tried to ignore it and get back to sleep.


Around 7:30PM, I meet up with my friend Yaroslav. He used to work with me in the Hamilton plant before moving to Germany for work. I probably haven’t seen him in about four years. We ended up walking around for a few hours before sitting at a restaurant in downtown Berlin to have something to eat and a beer to drink. Yaro ordered a couple Warsteiner. It tasted similar to Heineken in Canada.

We caught up for a few hours and next thing I knew, it was almost 4:00AM. I needed sleep before catching my train to Munich. The train to Munich would be a 6hr train so I wanted to grab breakfast at the hotel the next morning but since it was so late, I couldn’t get up in time for breakfast. Oh well, I’ll just grab something before getting onto the train.

So Berlin was a write off. I guess I should have planned things better. I did not get to see as much but I did managed to catch a quick glimpse of life in Berlin. Even ran into some “ladies of the night” along the walk. They left my friend and I alone but approached a bunch of others. I enjoyed Berlin, whatever part of it I saw.

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  1. That is so interesting that you meet up with Yaroslav. If you see him again – say hello to him for me. Hope he is doing well. The Cathedral in Cologne was beautiful and yes massive. Looking up would have mad me dizzy !

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