Amsterdam, Netherlands

I woke up early in the afternoon. I set the alarm the previous night for 7:00 AM and I’m not sure what happened but I didn’t hear phone alarm go off. The alarm automatically snoozed itself and never came on again. I think the only reason I managed to wake up was because the other guests were coming downstairs for breakfast. My room is in the basement so I hear a lot of the noise from upstairs. I even hear when someone flushes the toilet.¬† It’s a weird noise that sounds like the sink in my room is going to be flooded from a flow back.


I got out of my room around 11:00 AM, grabbed a quick cup of coffee and left the hotel to explore more of Amsterdam. I wanted to visit the museums but there were long line ups for tickets and entry. I didn’t feel like waiting in line in the sun so I just walked around,¬†taking pictures.

I walked by the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. I’ve always been pronouncing Van Gogh as “van go” but it’s actually pronounce “van goff.” The Rijksmuseum had a fashion exhibition which looked a bit interesting but I’m not a big fashion person so I didn’t go in. It would have been a waste of money for me. The picture that they had that the front of the museum of a woman in a hooded ninja outfit was good enough for me.

On the other hand, the Van Gogh museum might have been more worth my money but I wasn’t sure. I don’t know how to interpret art so unless the museum was free, I wouldn’t be getting much out of it.

After walking around all morning, it was time to grab some drinks… and continue to do a bit more walking. I took the Heineken Experience tour where I get to learn about the history of Heineken, all the while, having a few glasses of their world famous beer. It was a self guided tour. There was wifi in the area so I used it to download their app that will be my audio guide. A certain spots, there are staffs that will answer any questions I had about the beer. At one of the spots, if I had answered their questions correctly, I would have received a free glass of beer.


After walking around for about 30 minutes, it was time for more beer. I had the options of pouring my own beer, which cost two tokens. Or walking down the hall and having a bartender pour my beer for me, which gives me two beers for two tokens. I opted to pour my own. They show me how to pour Heineken properly. It was something along the lines of having the glass tilted at 25 degrees, filling the glass up until the foam touches the rim and straightening out the glass. As the foam subside, the line between the beer and the foam should be within to the red star. Since I got it right on the first try, they only took away one token away which meant that I would get a second glass of beer down the hall.


All that drinking made me hungry so I stopped by Febo, a fast food automatic food store. It’s similar to a vending machine only the slots are usually refilled with new items as they are sold. I purchase a “Rundvleeskroket ” which is a roll filled with delicious stuff. I think it contained meat and vegetables covered in a sauce and some other stuff. I didn’t question what it was filled out. I just ate it. It was good!


While the sun was still out, I visited the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam. One, because I am a book worm and two, it gave a great view of Amsterdam from the top floor. This library puts all of the library that I’ve been to, to shame. Everything is so clean and organized. And it’s so quiet too! There was even a restaurant on the top floor. So you can enjoy a bit to eat while reading a book and taking in the view.


As the sun headed down, I went over to the red light district. It’s just as the name suggests, filled with red lights. Well, not everything but “certain” places. If I headed down some ally ways, I found naked women in the window, advertising their services. I caught eye with one of them and I could have sworn that she rushed for the door to get me in. Sorry, lady! I’m on a budget.

Photography was prohibited in that area but I managed to snap a quick picture. Very interesting to see.


Amsterdam was a great place to visit. Everyone is very friendly and laid back. And that’s just not due to the weed smoking. Mind you, people were smoking weed just about everywhere. I probably got high from second hand weed smoking. The bicyclist on the other hand are very aggressive. If you’re walking in an area where it’s designated for bicycle, you better hurry and get out of the way. Public transportation was a breeze to use, not that you needed it. If you’re ever interested in visiting Amsterdam, I think two full days if more than enough.