The flight overseas left Toronto a little late. I forgot the reason why it was slightly delayed. I think they were just waiting for people to show up. It worked out the best because I received an upgrade to business class. I didn’t take full advantage of it though. It was nice that I had more leg room (a lot more leg room) but flying causes me to get sick sometimes.


Sunset at Pearson

Since we were delayed a bit, I cause a nice sunset out the window.


As we flew east, we saw less and less of the sun. The picture is a lot brighter than it actually was. The purple hue was more visible. It looks almost like the northern lights.. almost.


The flight from Halifax to London was fairly smooth. I managed to get the whole row to myself. The flight was fairly packed except for the seat next to me so I took advantaged and turned it into a bed. I manged to sleep for a couple of hours in total which is helpful when you’re flying across time zones.

Waiting for luggage

I was hoping that everything would be smooth when I landed but it wasn’t. I was a little motion sicked from the flight and the foot that I ate during the Toronto flight wasn’t sitting well in my stomach. On top of that, my luggage was delay because it was shipped on another plane. A plan that arrived an hour and half later. So I had to sit around and wait because I couldn’t leave the baggage claim area or else I would have a hard time getting back in.


Since I had to sit and wait for so long, I just wandered until my luggage arrived. Apparently, it’s Terminal 2’s birthday.

when I got into London, went over to Jenn’s and sleep for a few minutes. We grabbed dinner and theater later that night. We dined at Côte Brasserie, a french restaurant and saw “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” that was showing near by. The food was okay. We ordered the two course meal off the pre-theatre menu. I started with the seasonal English asparagus, served warm with a tarragon and chive vinaigrette and ordered the char-grilled chicken breast with basil potato purée and sauce vierge as my main course. Had a lovely time!

After dinner, Jenn went to meet up with some friends but I went home. I’ve only had a couple hours of sleep and jet lag was slowly kicking in. I passed out when I got back to Jenn’s flat. It took me a while because central London was packed. It was Pride London 2015.