Net worth update: February 2015

I am starting to see some good in keeping track of things. I like how I can go back and see where I have started from. It’s nice to see the numbers grow and grow!

I am slowly rebuilding my RRSPs. I had to take out a good chunk of it for the down payment of my house. I do not have to pay it back until the second year so I may take advantage of that. Also, in preparation for tax season, I took out a $2,500 RSP loan from Tangerine. I don’t have to pay them back until the first week of April. By then, I would have already filed my taxes and received a hefty refund. The additional contribution will generated an extra $778.75 in refund. Once I receive the refund, I will not be paying off the loan right away. I’ve already started to pay back the loan so it’s no big deal. Instead, I will be putting the refund towards my house, which will save me an extra $700 in interested. So the $2,500 borrowed will give me an extra $780 in refund, plus save me an extra $700 in mortgage interested and will only cost me approximately $21 in interest for the loan. It’s a win-win as I see it!

Cash savings: $1,090.51
RRSP: $18,826.74
TFSA: $1,913.06
House: $260,000.00

Credit cards: $0
Loans: $1,800
Mortgage: $234,303.17

Net worth: $45,727.14
Change: $4,929.26 (10.78%)

I have been throwing in some more money into my TD e-Series account. So far, the market value is up $70 when compared to the book value. I have been seeing small amounts of distributions from each fund and it’s all being re-invested so my savings are growing even more! The allocaiton mix is slightly off. Initially, I went with an even mix of 25% in each fund but I am slowly rebalancing it so that it’s 10% bonds and 90% equity. I had to wait a while beause TD charges a fee if I redeem any of the funds within 30 days of purchasing them. Most funds have a 90 day redemption limit but luckily the e-Series funds are only 30 days.

TD e-Series funds
TD CDN Index-e: $436.46
TD US Index-e: $471.16
TD CDN Bond Index-e: $221.99
TD Int’l Index-e: $356.39

I’ve finally opened up a Questrade account which allows me to invest in ETFs. I have an RRSP and TFSA account with Questrade. My RRSP is following the 2014 Couch Potato portfolio while my TFSA account is following the 2015 portfolio. The difference between the two is that the 2015 version has been simplified, using only 3 ETFs. I am in the process of transferring my RRSP from Sun Life over to Questrade so the numbers below will jump by the next update. I prefer to manage my own money so I’ve transferred just over $5,000 out of Sun Life. When I first requested the transfer, the balance was somewhere around $5,100 but since Sun Life took their time, it worked out for my advantage as that portfolio grew to $5,400. So that means that there’s more money for me to invest.

I’m contemplating whether or not I should sell off the US ETFs (VTI, VXUS) and keep things all in Canadian funds but with the Canadian dollar as low as it is, it might be best to keep things the way they are.

Questrade ETFS
VAB: $426.88
VCN: $484.64
VTI: $105.55
VXUS: $149.55
XRB: $104.80
ZRE: $83.28
VXC: $543.59