Net worth update: December 2014

As the days go by, I am becoming more and more interested in personal finance. I am on a mission to save as much as I can (ideally $1,000,000). I’ve started investing and that is slowly making me money. By the end of the year, my net worth should be slightly higher than what it is now. But in the new year, I will have to aim high and save even more. I am in the process of opening up a Questrade account so that will keep my money occuppied for a while.

Cash savings: $1,103.39
RRSP: $12,708.65
TFSA: $703.72
House: $260,000.00

Credit cards: $0
Mortgage: $235,911.70

Net worth: $38,122.73
Change: $1,027.35 (2.69%)

I am slowly aligning my asset allocation for my TD eSeries fund. The TD Canadian Bond Index fund still occuppies majority of my holding but I hope to have that corrected by weekly depositing funds to the other indices.

TD eSeries funds
TD CDN Index-e: $148.85
TD US Index-e: $153.06
TD CDN Bond Index-e: $253.34
TD Int’l Index-e: $153.50
Change: $208.77 (29.46%)