Net worth update: November 2014

One, two, skip a few…

I’ve been a little lazy towards my financial update. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site at all. For the past few weeks, I was site to Calgary to assist with another division and get their IT in order. Since then, my finances has been all over the place since a lot of the spending was out-of-pocket, and will be reimburse later.

Nonetheless, I still maintained my savings, or at least, I tried to keep them in order. My savings is not where it should be but I have a feeling that it will change once I have been reimburse for all my spending.

Cash savings: $498.53
RRSP: $11,527.67
TFSA: $1,313.85
House: $260,000.00

Credit cards: $0
Mortgage: $236,528.94

Net worth: $36,811.11
Change: $971.08 (2.62%)