Net worth update: August 2014

I am a little late in updating this. I almost forgot to write this up and was only reminded when I started working on my budget.

It has been three weeks now since the day that I moved into my new house. I am slowly getting used to the area. I still have figured out where everything is at the moment but there is plenty of time for that. Since moving in, there has been a lot of household item purchases, be it groceries, cooking utilities or furniture so the credit card balance is a bit high. I am confident that it will go down by the middle of the month.

Last month, a good chunk of my savings was used towards the closing cost of my house. I think there are some more fees and bills to take care of. I do not yet know my total cost for the month. The bills are slowing coming in. I just found out recently that this year’s property tax will not be covered by my mortgage company. They are collecting for next year’s property tax so that means that I will have to hand over about $1200 over to the town of Grimsby. There is a part of the tax due at the beginning of this month but since I thought my mortgage company was handling it, it means that I will have to pay a late fee. The next installment is not due until October so I have time budget for that.

All in all, being a home owner is not that bad. It’s just a big responsibility with all the finances. It’s a good thing that I have my finances in order or else I would be struggling a little right now.

I am down a few more percent this month but I am looking forward to being back on the plus side next month.

Cash savings: $1,483.59
RRSP: $10,58.55
TFSA: $97.73
House: $260,000.00

Credit cards: $775.00
Mortgage: $238,680.90

Net worth: $32,184.84
Change: -$3,070.17 (-9.51%)