Net worth update: July 2014

It looks like I am back up on the plus side this month. You’ll noticed that I have a lot of money sitting in the cash savings category. That is due to the fact that I recently purchased a house and I am in the middle of preparation to get a bank draft made up. I have managed to save up for a 10% down payment.

By the next update, I will have a couple more categories to add to the list, house and mortgage.

Also, I have decided to put myself onto a budget and track my spending a lot closer now. I will have a better idea as to where my money is going.

Cash savings: $24,714.58
RRSP: $9,912.36
TFSA: $833.35

Credit cards: $196.34

Net worth: $35,265.95
Change: $1,409.68 (3.99%)