Smart phone post

I am probably one of the last person to jump onto the smart phone bandwagon. Working in I.T. you would think that I would be one of the early adopters but that’s not the case. Years after the Blackberries and the iPhones came out, I finally get my hands on a smart phone. A Blackberry Bold 9000 to be exact. So far, I’m liking my new phone and it turns out that I’m using the apps more than using it as a phone.

There are plenty of advantages to owning a smart phones but I didn’t give into the hype. One of the reasons why I didn’t buy one right away was because of the cost. I needed a cell phone to make phone calls and my Motorola Razr did just that. I didn’t want to pay extra for a data plan when I had a computer at home that has internet access. Data plans from cellular providers in Canada is expensive compared to other countries.

The thing that I like about having a smart phone is that that you’re always connected. Information is readily available at your fingertips which is convenient at times. But a disadvantage is that I’m wasting a lot of time on it doing nothing in particular. I spent quite some time playing BrickBreaker.

I have to tell you thought that I didn’t buy the Bold. It’s a phone that was given to me by my company because I’m on call every now and then. The data plan that comes with the phone is just pointless. From what I can tell, I have a 10MB data plan. What am I supposed to do with 10MB? A few YouTube videos and I’m over my limit. The nice thing about this phone is that it has WiFi so I can easily connect to a hotspot to gain access to the internet. The loaner phone that I had before didn’t have WiFi so I didn’t anything other than send messages using Blackberry Messenger.

Now that I own a Blackberry, it a little hard to imagine life without it.