Nite Nite the lite tite

It’s a very hard decision to make when it comes to putting down your cat. Jenn and I had to make that decision and it’s a very emotional decision to make. It’s something that many pet owners are faced with and it’s never easy.

Nite Nite is a Grey Tabby who likes to prance around in her furry white boot. She loves rolling around on the rug and sometimes even love living on it. I bought a blue and white stripe rug from Ikea and placed it in the foyer but as soon as Nite Nite step foot on it, it was hers. She would roll around, left to right, back and forth and would spend lots of time doing just that. I would try to make her get off the rug but failed. I would use a laser pointer and she would chase after that red dot. But as soon as the dot left the rug, she would immediately stop. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get her off that rug.

I think she even loves to hear music. Any time I’m listening to a song, she would be on her feet with her two front paws against my arm rest as if she wants me to pick her up so she can listen to the song too.

She’s not always nice and playful though. There’s plenty of time when she’s annoying as hell. She would walk around, screaming at the top of her lung as if she’s mad at something. Every time I hear her screaming, I would “Shhhh” her and she would be quiet for a couple of seconds and then would start screaming again.

But the screaming came to an end when we noticed that she was vomiting all over the place. We would find small puddle of vomit on the floor. At first, we thought maybe she ate some ribbon and her body was trying to eject the foreign body from her system. We took her to the emergency clinic but they weren’t sure what was causing it. They took an X-ray and saw that were was something suspicious with her intestine. It was bunching up so the vet thought that maybe the intestine was trying to pull the ribbon but something was stuck and caused her to vomit all the time.

From what I could tell, she would only vomit when she was walking around. If we keep her still, he would just lay there quietly. We tried to keep her as still as possible but it’s hard to keep a cat still. For Nite Nite, she was already weak from not having eaten or drank anything in a way. We tried to give her some wet food and water but she knew that it was just going to come back up so she didn’t bother. I bought a syringe and used that to squirt water into her mouth, just to get her hydrated a little but I don’t think that helped.

We started to get worried so we took her to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital yesterday. The vet that came in saw the problem almost immediately. Nite Nite had thread wrapped under her tongue. This would explain why she was vomiting when she was walking around. The thread had navigated through her system so as she walked, the thread would be tugging on her tongue and causing her to gag. Knowing that the thread was the cause of her vomiting, I was more comfortable with proceeding with surgery to remove it. But even with surgery it wasn’t guarantee that it would work. Jenn and I didn’t want Nite Nite to walk around vomiting so we went ahead and asked the vet to perform surgery to remove the thread.

Unfortunately, once the vet opened up Nite Nite, she saw that there was more damage than she had expected. The thread was cutting Nite Nite’s inside from her bowel to her colon. The damage was too excessive to repair. The vet mentioned a procedure where she would be able to cut away the damaged intestine and reconnect the pieces but since the cut was all over the place, there wasn’t much else she could do.

I almost started to cry when I received the phone call. It was hard for me to break the bad news to Jenn. She grew up with her cats and she loves them dearly. Both of us were hoping that the surgery was going to be a success. We were pretty confident that Nite Nite was going to be fine since we found out what was causing it. Even thought there was that off chance that the surgery was going to fail, we stayed optimistic and hoped for the best. But as it turns out, there wasn’t anything we could do.

We had to put Nite Nite down because she was in pain. Just seeing her vomit was depressing. It was a very violent vomiting too. If we didn’t bring her to the vet, it would have only gotten worse. Putting her down was the humane thing to do. This way, she went peaceful. We wished that we had more time with her but that would have just been selfish of us. He wasn’t drinking,wasn’t eating and wasn’t doing much of anything other than hiding in the corner. I”m sure that she’s in a better place now, a place where she’s reunited with her mom and siblings. A hopefully a place where there’s no thread anywhere.

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