G20 chaos

I spent a good hour yesterday watching videos of the commotions that was happening in Toronto due to protesters of the G20 Summit. What I saw just made me angry and disgusted. I don’t know what their cause was but by the looks of things, the violence that they were displaying is unaccepted. It angered me to see the destruction that they were causing. Windows were being smashed, police cars were being burnt and properties were being vandalized. I don’t know what sort of message they were trying to get across but it’s not working.

From what I saw, there were peaceful protesters and then there were anarchist. I didn’t see much of the peaceful protesters because they were being overshadowed by the anarchist. The destruction that they brought up the financial district of Toronto was just madness. I don’t understand what their cause was or what message they were trying to convey but I would not support them. They had no respect whatsoever for public property and they appeared to be destroying everything in their paths.

There was a clip on CTV where the cameraman caught a vandal throwing a rock and smashing a window. An older man tried to stop him from continuing but the people around him started shouting at him as if he was a bully. No! He was doing the right thing by stopping the guy from causing any further damage. Bravo to him for being so courageous to do such a thing, given his surroundings. Shame to the violent protesters who goes around destroying things all the while hiding behind a face mask.

The thing that I didn’t quite understand was how or why the situation was allowed to escalate to this point. I heard that there was a joint force between the local police department and police departments from outside of Ontario. With that amount of resources, those violent protesters should have been dealt with. It seems like the police didn’t expect this sort of thing to happen. But the way I see it, if you’re going to be putting up barricade of steel fence, shouldn’t you prepare for a worst case scenario?

The behaviours of these violent protesters are similar to that of a small scale terrorist act. How, is what they’re doing any different? Are they not performing these acts of violence to achieve a goal? As far as I can tell, they seem like a bunch of hooligans who managed to find a reason to go around destroying things. I don’t think they’re fighting for any cause at all. What they’re doing is just violence without purpose. If they have a message, what’s their message?

I feel sorry for the peaceful protesters because their voices will not be heard because the attention was drawn away from them and focused towards the violent ones.

CTV coverage of G20 protesters