G20 chaos

I spent a good hour yesterday watching videos of the commotions that was happening in Toronto due to protesters of the G20 Summit. What I saw just made me angry and disgusted. I don’t know what their cause was but by the looks of things, the violence that they were displaying is unaccepted. It angered […]

Impecable timing

My car couldn’t have broken down at a worse time. I’m not sure why it decided to break down tonight but a lot happened tonight and it would have been nice if I had the car. Since I didn’t have to car, I had to walk to work… at 11:00 at night. My brother gave […]

A thousand words

When I was younger, I’ve never understood how a picture was worth a thousand. At the time, I had trouble writing a thousand words about anything. But now that my knowledge has expanded, a thousand words is very little. College students can tell you that they can write a thousand words without any problems because […]