80/365: Babysitting

1/125 sec | f/8 | 55mm

I saw this swan at the harbour front laying on a few eggs. When I visited this area last week, I saw only one egg but now it’s up to three eggs. The odd part is that the nest is sort of out in the open. I just hope there aren’t any hooligans around to interfere.

One reply on “80/365: Babysitting”

  1. You actually went back to take the pictures.

    hopefully, no one get attack by this swan.

    few years back, when we at camping canoeing out to this island, the island is full of swan nest..

    when we almost got there, a bunch of swans fly fast like a jet plane straight down attacking us.. one of them hit the front of our canoe and he is hurt, lying and floating on top of the water, seem dead for 30sec or so.. it was a scary and funny moment..

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