One thousand and counting

It’s hard to believe that I’ve posted one thousand entries on my blog. And at the same time, there has also been one thousand comments. These are new milestones for my website. When I first started this site, I wasn’t expecting it to get this far. At the time, I thought it would be fun to do something on the web. Since then, the web has since grown and along with it, this website. I remember the days of static web pages where every page was its own. I didn’t know any type of programming at the time and for me, PHP was unheard of.

My domain, was registered on November 24, 2003, about 7 years ago. I remember signing up for it because it was free. My friend Sao signed on at the same time but unfortunately, he didn’t continue. I’m not sure what it was about the internet that kept me going. I know that I felt a strong feeling about keeping people up to date with my life. But at the time, blogging wasn’t a term yet. I was updating the front page every time I had something new to say. So anything that was said before was deleted. I had no way of archiving anything.

It wasn’t until I learned of PHP that my web development skills started to grow. I was able to create dynamic pages that would display new entries every time I had a new entry. But as the years went by, the internet became more popular and web applications started popping up. WordPress came around but I didn’t use it right away. The back end that I used to create my blogs were good enough but it wasn’t as good as WordPress.

I’m not even sure if people still read my blog posts. Lately, the entries were just pictures as part of my 365 project. And even with that, I’m getting a little behind. I should be well in the 90s by now but I haven’t had time to find a picture for each day.

Anyway, here’s two 1000 more blog posts!