People just don’t listen

Ever since my roommate moved in, things have not been the same. I don’t get the same amount of privacy that I once had. I don’t get to do the normal things that I get to do. And I now have to depend on someone to make sure my electricity doesn’t go out. Or even worst, that the house doesn’t get foreclosed.

When it comes to finance, my roommate is clueless about it. She’s probably clueless about a lot of other things because she’s in her own little world, unknowingly to her is a whole other world outside the front door. I don’t know if she understands the full consequences of her actions. I’ve told her plenty of times before but it seems like it’s far beyond her level of comprehension.

She lost her job about a week after I left for Hong Kong but she didn’t bother to do anything about it. I didn’t find out about it until a few days after I came back into the country. She didn’t even have the common courtesy to tell Jenn’s mom about her situation. Jenn’s mom is the one who’s dealing with her rent while I’m away. She had to find out from Jenn who’s thousands of miles away before hearing it from my roommate. That’s a very inconsiderate thing to do given the fact that these are the people who are trying to help.

When she first moved in, things started out just hunky dory. She had money for the rent and the bills. As time went by, the bills slowly started to climb while the money slowly declined. Every month I would have to ask her for the rent. Every pay day I would have to ask her for money to pay the bills. This went on from the time she moved in until now. I assume that certain things are due on certain dates so it’s known when they’re due. It’s not rocket science.

I’ve told her time and time again to conserve electricity and water because that is where all the money is going. But she doesn’t listen. She’ll load up the washer, load up the dry and take a shower all at the same time. I don’t know where she goes if she needs to wash her clothes every other day. She can’t even afford to pay for those commodities and yet she abuses them. At least, I think she’s abusing them because I don’t know anyone who does their laundry after other day. It has gotten to the point where I am only willing to pay for my share. It’s doesn’t make sense to pay for half the bill anymore when I use less than half of the resources. Before I would pay for the whole thing and then wait for her to pay me back but she has gotten too far behind on paying that I’ve stopped.

The most recent hydro bill came up to $428.66 which is fairly high considering the fact that I wasn’t in the country. Before I left, I left her a note telling her to converse because I wasn’t willing to pay for anything while I’m gone. Of the $428.66, my portion is only $77 which is half of one month’s bill. I wasn’t at home for most February so I’m not paying for it.

Ever since my roommate started falling behind on rent and bills, I recommended that she get financial assistance because she cannot afford to live in this house. According to my calculations, the best that she can do with her pay cheque is a $200 rent with utilities included. There’s nowhere in Hamilton that you can rent for that low. I took the time to find her the phone number and address of the difference government services that will help her if she applies for them. But all she has done with my recommendation was listen. She did not act on it and now she’s in trouble.

When she lost her job, I recommended that she apply for Employment Insurance. She should have applied for that as soon she lost her job but she didn’t. I don’t know why she didn’t but she didn’t. I think her best excuse was because she didn’t have her record of employment from Walmart. But countless times I’ve told her that she doesn’t need that right away. The important thing was to apply for it as soon as possible. I’ve even went as far as asking her if she applied on a daily basis. Every time I asked, her replied was always “no” which made me mad. Here I was, trying to help and she’s not willing to accept it. Well, too bad for her because went she finally went to apply for EI, she was too late.

Now she has no job, no steady income and the bills are piling up. I told her that consequences of being behind on her financial responsibilities and I hope that the threat of eviction is enough to get her to wake up. She did not pay first and last month’s rent so she doesn’t have the luxury of getting a warning before eviction. She’s taking her situation a bit too lightly and she’s just going to get herself into trouble. It’s not fair to me and to everyone who’s trying to help her. I’d hate to say it but people like her deserve what’s coming to them. If someone wants to help you while you’re down, you best take their hand.