More taxes

The HST bill was recently passed to combine the two taxes for Ontario. And no, I do not mean Hubble Space Telescope but the Harmonized Sales Tax bill. This means that everything will cost more because it will combine the GST and PST and apply the 13% tax on almost everything. The things that were […]

The calm before the storm

1/250 sec | f4 / 26mm This is William’s Coffee Pub, a new hangout for me when I go out for coffee. It’s located at the harbour front by the Marine Discovery Center. The area is very quiet and looks almost deserted because all of the yacht has been put away.


This is my ’95 Mazda Millenia. As you can see, it’s slowly starting to fall apart. I’m hoping to get my new one on the road soon. My dad has been working on it for a while. He changed out the supercharger but it turns out that the exhaust might be faulty as well. So […]

Lost Symbol

“The Lost Symbol” is the latest novel by Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code.” I pre-ordered this novel because I was a Dan Brown fan but as I found out, there wasn’t any need to pre-order it since there were plenty of copies of the novel to go around. This novel is a […]