There for me

One night while I was driving home I had a little incident with my car. I stopped at a red light and waited for it to turn green. As I stepped on the gas to accelerate I started hearing the sound of metal scraping against the road. I wasn’t sure if it was mine but the noise sounded pretty close. I turned off the music to listen closer and that’s when I noticed that it was my car. I turned on the four way flashers and turn onto a quiet street. I checked underneath the car and saw that the muffler was sitting on the ground.

It was the middle of the night and driving down the street would wake up the neighbours. I drove along very slowly, attempting to make as little noise as possible. I didn’t want to just pull over to the side because there wasn’t any light so I wouldn’t be able to investigate. I drove for a bit until I came to a parking lot. There were light posts around which helped a little. I got out of my car, looked around and that’s when I saw it. My muffler had fallen off because the rubber support mount had broken. There was no way I could drive the car home with the muffler off.

I called around to see if there was anyone could help me. My brother was first on the list because he’s a mechanic and would know what to do but unfortunately, he was out with his girlfriend. Next on the list was my dad. I didn’t want to call him because he’s also a mechanic, the best mechanic I know. When I was growing up, he wanted me to be a mechanic but I didn’t follow in his footsteps. I still remember the look of disappointment on his face when I told him that I wasn’t going to be a mechanic. Nonetheless, he still gives me a hand when I need help with the car. He rubs it in sometimes saying this is what I get for not being a mechanic but at the same time, he wouldn’t be getting all this computer help if I hadn’t gone into computers.

My dad didn’t live far from where I was waiting so he arrived at the scene within a few minutes. He assessed the situation and found a temporary solution. He found a metal coat hanger and hung the muffler back onto its mount. When I started up the car, it was a bit loud and sounded like I had a modified muffler system but I didn’t mind the noise since it meant that I could get home.

The thing with my dad is that I’m very appreciative of him. He has always been there to give me a helping hand. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a “No” from him when I ask for anything. And every time he does anything, whether it’s for me or something else, he does a very good job at it. None of this half ass stuff. I think I get my work ethics from him. When I feel like slacking off, I’m reminded that my dad works hard to get to where he is and that puts me back on track.

Last summer, my dad had to quit his job because of work conditions. My mom was rather upset about it because it meant that they wouldn’t get any income but the way I saw it, that work place was hazardous to his health. The company wasn’t willing to do anything about it so it wasn’t a good company to work for. They lost the best mechanic they had.

He’s been doing the odd jobs here and there with contracting. He’s done some roofing jobs, interior renovations, fixing stuff here and there, just about whatever he can to bring home some money. But it’s now winter and he can’t do those odd jobs anymore. He managed to save up some money from working but his bank account is slowly depleting. The bills are starting to catch up to him and right now is the worst time to be unemployed.

I wish I could get him a job at my work place but the company isn’t in any condition to hire right now. Whenever there’s an opening, I question it to see if he’s qualified but the people in HR are currently giving priority to those who were laid off recently.

It’s time like this that I wish I could help more. I wish life was fairer and hard working people didn’t have to work so hard to bring home an income but as it turns out, life isn’t so fair. Those who work hard are usually at the bottom of the totem pole. Things happen that are beyond your control. Some people do not realize how good they have it right now. I feel guilty and get a little depressed whenever I open my mouth to eat something knowing that my parents may not have the same luxury. It’s times like these that people need to stick together and help each other pull through. No matter what happens, I plan on being there for my dad too.