Shut up

I don’t know what it is but my roommate continues to annoy me. The only time that she doesn’t annoy me is when I’m not home or when she’s not home. The unfortunate thing about it is that I have too much patient and I can withstand a lot of annoyance but I think that one day, I’ll pop.

Last night, I was tired from a long day at work. After work I ran a few quick errands. When I got home, I was ready to pass out by 9:00 PM but stayed up a bit to talk with Jenn over Skype. After we were done talking, I fell asleep right away only to be awaken an hour or so later.

My roommate has a cat that she likes to yell at during the odd times. I know that animals can understand some things you say depending on how loud you are but she speaks to her cat as if he understands English. In fact, she speaks to all the animals like that. And she reminds them that she has already told them before not to do it and yet they continue to do it. Her cat looks back at her and looks as if he’s saying, “What?” only he’s saying it in cat language.

I was comfortably sleeping when I was awaken by her screaming at her cat to stop doing something. The yelling didn’t last long so I fell right back to sleep only to be awaken again by music. The music was pretty loud according to my half-awakened standards. I assumed that she knew that I was sleeping because my car was parked outside and the light in my room was off but I guess that assumption was never made. Eventually, the music was turned off and I fell right back to bed.

I wake up in the morning feeling fairly rested. When I get out of my room, I made sure not to be quiet any more. Usually, I would quietly close the door behind me but I’m already fed up so I just close my door as if I was the only one there. I run down to the kitchen to make my morning coffee only to find the counter all dirty. There are bits and pieces of Kellog’s Special K cereal all over the place, peanut butter on the counter and a spoon with some brown stuff on the stove. A spoon! With some brown stuff! On the stove! Seriously, how did that single lone spoon get missed during clean up? It was brown stuff in a spoon on top of a white stove. How do you not see that? And whatever that brown stuff was, it has now left a little stain on the stove, which I am not going to clean.

I don’t think she knows how annoying she is sometimes. I guess it’s my fault for not telling her straight out but I don’t like to be rude. Sometimes she’ll be talking and my response would be “Yeah. Uh huh. Okay.” And she’ll continue to talk about things. I hate it most when she talks about things on the television. I don’t watch the telly much so I could care less what goes on. Every time she tells me about an episode, I don’t say anything but nod. I’m hoping that’s enough of a sign to say, “Yeah, I really don’t give a shit” but she doesn’t pick up on the sign.

When she watches television, she’s really into it. If there’s a suspenseful scene where something jumps out and kills someone, she’ll shriek out, “Oh no!” It’s as if she didn’t see that coming. Or she’ll try to warn the character not to go into some room. It’s as if they can hear her warnings. And if she’s watching a comedy, she’s got one of the weirdest laughs ever. My girlfriend thinks that her bother has a weird laugh but my roommate has one that’s even weirder and annoying.

Sometimes, my roommate can be inconsiderate. I take for granted the common sense that I have and believe that all people have common sense but like I’ve said before, common sense is not all that common. They’ll be times where I’ll be on the computer reading something and she’ll walk into the living room and turn on the television. Or sometimes when I’m reading something, she’ll interrupt by telling me about some customer she had at work. After working eight hours at my job, I don’t want to hear about work after I’ve come home from work. Some people just need to let go of work and stay away from it when they’re not working. I don’t like to talk about work when I’m not working. I don’t even like to talk about work when I’m on lunch. Those are my time and I prefer to spend them without having to hear about work.

There are lots of other things that people can talk about. I understand that television is a common ground for most people but I, for one, do no turn on the television. I still believe that it’s a waste of time. Yes, I’ll watch the odd shows during the odd times but I do not have time to follow a television serie every week. I’m probably the quietest person in the room when the topic of discussion is in regards to television. I don’t care who won on America Idol. I don’t care who dances well in Dancing with the Stars. And I really don’t care what season it is of Survivors. I have a life and I prefer to live my own reality than to sit around and watch other people’s reality.

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  1. I know someone who usually leaves the room with a mess, and they actually don’t notice it until you clearly point it out to them even though its obvious that there’s a mess the second you walk in. I guess they’re probably just insensitive or don’t pay attention to details to their surroundings as much as others, either that or they’re probably just plain lazy. -_-;;

  2. well… from experience, I think people who have lived alone for a very long time start talking to themselves more often then people who live with other company.

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