Affording necessity

I have a roommate who is behind on a lot of things and doesn’t make enough to afford the cost of basic living. I’ve done the math for her and worked out how much she’s able to make from her job at Walmart and I don’t think she can afford to be living under the same roof as me. I try to help out when I can but because she’s behind on rent and utilities it is causing me to be behind on my monthly bills. I think she should seek help before things get worse but I can’t tolerate this any longer.

It’s human nature to do what it takes to survive. A lot of people these days are not in that mindset. I think that kids these days are not aware of the kind of life style that their parents or grandparents had to go through. Life in 2009 is not the same life back in the pre-90’s era. Life was hard for my parents but look at where they are now. We were lucky to leave a third world country and find a better life in Canada. My parent didn’t have anything when we first arrived. If my memory serves me right, all I recall them taking from Cambodia were pots and pans. Once we arrived in Canada, I recall both of my parents working. Since then and now, my dad continued to work while my mom stayed home. He’s currently not working full time but he is finding odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. I wish that I could help out more with their bills so that my dad doesn’t have to work so hard but right now I can’t afford to help.

My roommate isn’t paying her share of the bills so I have to cover her part but I can’t do that anymore. I have my own bills and my own life to worry about. I can’t take care of someone else, especially not someone who doesn’t deserve my help. I’ve tried to help her out by giving her tips on her financial problems. I’ve even given her some slack on the rent but right now, she’s jeopardizing me and causing me to be behind on some things.

As it stands, she cannot afford to live in this house because she can’t afford the rent and the utilities. I’ve told her that if she’s having a problem with rent money, to let me know so I can prepare for it. She’s been here since April and not once has she told me that she’s short on rent. She has missed a few payments and now owes me at least a month’s rent and it’s getting close to being two month’s rent. I’ve told her that rent is due when she gets paid but for some reason, I have to constantly ask her for rent money.

If she’s able to afford the cost of rent for the month, she can’t afford to pay utilities. We split the gas and hydro bills in half but I don’t think that should be the case. I’m hardly ever home so I don’t use much of the electricity. When I’m at home, the only thing that I’m using is the computer. I hardly turn on any of the lights when I was living by myself because I didn’t need any other light source. The light emitting from my LCD was all that I needed. On the other hand, she likes to turn on all of the lights. I came home today to find the porch light, the foyer light, the living room light, the kitchen light and the light in her bedroom on. I’ve told her before that all of these lights do not need to be on at the same time. I don’t think it’s fair that I’m paying for half of something when I don’t even use half of it. It’s almost getting to the point where I’m going to tell her to pay for whatever she uses which is probably about 75% of it.

Sometimes, being the nice guy has its disadvantages and right now it seems like I’m being taken advantage of. I don’t think any other tenant has it as good as my roommate because most landlords would probably flip if their tenants were behind on rent for more than a month. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to play the bad guy to make sure that things are straightened out because all of these late bill payments are stressing me out. I’ve tried helping her out by giving her the phone numbers of provincial financial support programs but she’s not budging. I can’t help her if she’s not willing to accept the help. If she doesn’t smarten up, she’s got to go and there’s nothing that I can do that’s going to help her any more.

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  1. Don,

    How are you? I decided to drop by I don’t know how I thought of coming by your page but anyway I’m here! I hear you on what your saying and i know how it is being so nice. You think this should be common sense to people but these days it’s not. I know exactly how you feel because my family did the same. Well my father came here alone probably with just the cloths on his back and maybe a few other cloths. We grew up always saving electricity and heat in the winter. It was tough sometimes but well worth it. I look up to my father for what he did on such limited income.

    Anyway back to your post. I’m finding out now that you can only do so much for people and the rest is up to them. I think people learn better when they get no help. That’s how I grew up and learned to do things on my own. But being a nice guy that i know you are it’s sometimes hard to kick them out or be the bad guy. I wish I had advice for you on that but I don’t and if you have advice for me someday on that please let me know. I’m working on it though ..not about being a bad guy but about not over doing it in the nice category. Sometimes I found myself so nice that i feel like i’m living to help everyone else and forgot about my own life which really needed help. I don’t know. Sorry about the blabber but it’s friday afternoon and I have brain freeze!!

    I also know about what your saying how kids are today or the ones I see anyway so spoiled. Not all but a lot more then we were when we were younger that’s all. Hmm i don’t know what else to say.

    wpointwrasdfionpsafdawoiuhnsdf (my name encrypted 🙂

    p.s. the site is not up yet but will be .. a site to connect ppl who want to change/help the world

    p.p.s. that isn’t really my name encrypted LoL

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