Jenn told me about this cool little website that creates beautiful word clouds for you. You can either type in a bunch of random words or you can use a blog feed to create the art. If you provide a blog feed, it’ll try to use words that appear in the feed frequently and make them larger so that they stand out.

Here’s the results that Wordle generated for me.

3 replies on “Wordle”

  1. We learned about this in teachers college actually. It works really well when you paste in a WHOLE article. You almost instantly get to see the main points of the article…. ALMOST. Haha

    1. I told Wordle to use the content of my recent blog posts and that’s what it came up with. I guess it make sense as a tool to generalize the main ideas of something. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I can see that I do talk about those big words often… but then again, it’s the ten most recent blog posts. Maybe I can try using more than ten.

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