Jenn told me about this cool little website that creates beautiful word clouds for you. You can either type in a bunch of random words or you can use a blog feed to create the art. If you provide a blog feed, it’ll try to use words that appear in the feed frequently and make […]

Talk to the people

I have a little issue that is currently happening at work that I don’t quite agree with. I voiced my opinion on the matter but it doesn’t seem like my coworker wants to hear about it. I thought that my reasoning made sense so I’m not sure why he didn’t want to hear it. I’m […]

Climate change

This year’s Blog Action Day topic is about climate change. The issue with climate change is something that affects everyone and everything on this planet. It’s not a local issue but one that is global. Everyone needs to do their part in order to help the environment. Sadly, I do not believe that I have […]

Keep your head up

I think that due to the recent recession, a lot of people’s goals in life were slightly placed on hold. Some people are at dead end jobs that seem like a waste of time. Some people are unemployed and are trying to make ends meet. Everyone seems to be having a hard time doing something […]