The run around

I’ve been trying to get my credit history in order but no one seems to be able to help. I don’t think it should be this hard to get a flag removed once everything has been paid in full. One company blames another company and that company blames the company that blamed them. So I’m stuck in the middle with a flag that will stay on my record for six years.

A while back, I was looking to increase my line of credit instead of having to tap into my RRSP but my bank manager informed me that every credit check came back as a decline. He said that there is currently a flag on my account that deems me bad for creditor. I didn’t know what on my credit history could be causing this since I’ve paid most of my bills. There were times when I paid them late and the bill was sent to the collection agencies but I eventually paid them in full.

After further investigation, I found that the flag was set on my Rogers Wireless account. It showed that I went from an R1 rating (payments made within 30 days) to an R9 rating (bad debt, placed for collection). Of all of the times where my debts were placed for collection, this was the only time that an R9 rating was placed on my history. If my memory serves me right, I paid for this bill before receiving a notice from the collection agency. I don’t know if paying Rogers instead of the collection agency caused something to go awry but the bill was paid. My bank manager told me that I should not have been given an R9 rating right away. It should have gradually gone up the scale instead of jumping straight to the worst rating.

I called up Rogers and asked them if they could remove the flag but they told me that they did not put the flag on my history. They informed me to contact the collection agency and ask them to remove the flag since the debt was passed onto them. But when I called them, they told me that they don’t put flags on credit history. They told me that they only buy bad debts from companies and then report when the debt has been collected. The person I spoke with gave me the number to Rogers’ account payable department and requested that I contact them.

After contacting Rogers again, the lady I spoke with said that they are not able to remove the flag because they didn’t put it there. I informed her that the collection agency didn’t put the flag there so someone had to have placed the flag. She recommended that I contact the credit bureau and see if they could remove the flag.

When I contacted the credit bureau, I spoke with someone who had an Indian accent. I wasn’t expecting much of that call since I don’t have much faith with Indian call centers. He told me that the flag stays on my credit history for six years and cannot be removed. I told him that the debt was paid in full so there should be no flag on my account at all. I’ve even told him about the letter that the collection agency sent me to confirm that payment was made in full but he just retaliated and repeated the fact that I’ll have to wait six years before the flag goes away. According to him, “the R9 credit rating will remain on your credit bureau for six years from the date of final payment and will limit you from obtaining any type of loan or revolving credit.”

Six years is a long time for my credit history to be affected and I didn’t want that to happen. Since I was fed up with talking to people on the phone, I decided to visit TransUnion in person. I met face to face with a lady and she told me that I had to fill out a form and they’ll remove the flag for me. That was it! It was as simple as that.

I guess it’s true that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It’s a simple request but it was hard to get the right result. Much like my post about Dell, I had to do this on my own as well. I was tired of waiting for other people to do things for me so I had to step in and do it myself. Some people just don’t like to do things if it doesn’t benefit them. Now I know what to do if I want something.

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