Who do I talk to?

Some people have a knack for turning simple things around and making them more difficult than they should be. I don’t know why they like to do that but it’s a little annoying when you’re trying to get things done. Maybe it’s their way of creating job security or maybe they’re just following procedure but someone needs to get things straightened out so that there is less confusion in the future.

I’ve recently been in contact with some people at Dell because I’m trying to get certified with them. Once I’m certified, it will make things easier and it’ll save me 30 minutes of talk time on the phone. Every time there’s an issue with one of our machines, I have to call in and the Tech Support would walk through diagnostic procedures before sending out a Technician. Even if I try to save time by telling them of all the diagnostic that I’ve done, they still manage to find time to ask me all sort of questions to prolong the phone call. There are the odd times where I’ll reach an experience Tech Support who will immediately request an on-site Technician but those are rare occasions.

If I was certified, all that is required from me is to visit Dell’s technician website and request the replacement parts. Once the request has been made, a Technician would be dispatched and arrive on-site within a couple of days. Filling out the request forms takes a matter of minutes rather than 30 minutes on the phone. I don’t like wasting time on the phone when I can spend that time doing other things like actual work.

My contact with Dell started on August 28, 2009 with an email to a contact that my coworker gave to me. As soon as I sent the email, I get an out of office reply stating that the contact is on vacation. He left another email address to contact while he is away. I sent an email to that address and get a reply containing the necessary information that I requested. The contact informed me that there is $200 fee to get recertified. The problem was that I don’t need to be recertified because I have not yet been certified. I tell the person this and they send me a form to fill out. They also stated that if I wanted to pay by credit card, I do not need to fill out the form.

So I call into Dell to inquire more about making a credit card payment. They regret to inform me that because I am located in Canada, they cannot process my order. I don’t know what kind of difference it made since I’m sure that Visa and MasterCard are accepted world wide. Nonetheless, they tell me to contact the sales person in Canada to make this payment.

I contact the sales person in Canada, Tim who then sends an email to a team, requesting that they provide me with information. Ali from the team answers the email. There’s one thing wrong with this. It’s that Ali is the one that I’ve been in contact with this whole time. He’s the one that told me to contact Tim. Ali replies with the same information that he gave me earlier. By now, I have no idea what to do since I’m being sent in circles. I had no choice but to email them back saying that I’ve already been through this with him. Ali’s reply was to get a credit card payment to my sales contact and he’ll forward the payment confirmation to them and they’ll have my account set up. Ali also requests that Tim give me the information about my sales person so that I can process the order. Tim’s reply was that he was the sales person and that he’ll get back to me on Monday to process my credit card information.

My opinion of the matter was that Tim should have known the procedure to get this process started. I mean, once Ali got the ball rolling, it was only a matter of time before the actual process got started. All that was required was for Tim to initiate the email request to Ali and that was it. I called him up to give him my credit card information and within a matter of hours, my login credentials were emailed to me. Now I’ll have to sit through hours of online documentations and take a few assessments before Dell deems me a certified. I’m looking forward to that.