75 days and 17 hours

Jenn is now back in Hong Kong. The last couple of months seemed to have gone by very quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever experience time flying this fast. Two months went by in a snap of a finger. I guess it went by so quickly because we were so busy doing so many things.

When Jenn’s plane landed at Pearson International, I was already in hot water. I had made her upset before her flight and she almost didn’t want to board the plane. Long distance relationships are hard to deal with when there’s a problem. It’s hard to talk things over when you’re not face to face. You can’t get your point across when you’re talking over the phone and getting frustrated because the voice quality isn’t always clear. Sometimes the wrong words can be heard which would put me into hotter water.

I’m not sure I make an effort to do things for Jenn. I think I make an effort but in reality, it’s not much of an effort at all. This time, I decided to dress up a little and meet Jenn at the airport in a suit and tie and a bouquet of her favourite flowers. I made sure that I got out of work at least a couple of hours early to get to the florist to pick up flowers. It’s hard to find her favourite flowers here since they’re not that popular.

I don’t think I made a big impression since she was still mad at me but I think I might have tipped the scale in my favour. A little bit of effort was better than nothing. From the mom Jenn step foot on Canadian soil, there were a serious of ups and downs, as is most relationships. My job was to make sure that there were more peaks than valleys.

This summer, I made sure that we don’t spend most of our free time at home, idling. Last year, we didn’t do much and it was mostly a waste of time. This time around, we did as much as we could with the limited time that we had. We went on vacation to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, went to Medieval Times, saw the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Royal Ontario Museum and we even managed to finish a jigsaw puzzle that we started a year ago. We were more productive and less time wasting.

So now, after seventy five days and seventeen hours, Jenn is back in Hong Kong, teaching and I’m here, sitting around most of the time. I still have to finish fixing up the house but it’s just not the same without here. I’ll miss coming home to find Jenn hiding behind the door. I’ll miss have dinner with her. I’ll miss talking face to face with her. She did a lot of silly things that would always put a smile on my face and I’ll miss every last bit of it. So here I am, back to counting down the days until she’s back, which is in a hundred and some odd days.