Another nickel

Tim Horton’s restaurants are increasing their prices again due to “operational cost.” I find that hard to believe since they’ll probably make a lot during this recession. Canadians love their coffee and they’ll continue to buy coffee whether there’s a recession or not. I don’t think that Tim Horton’s should be raising their prices at all, especially not now.

The prices are going up five cents. I don’t know if it’s up five cents for every item but that’s what has changed for a large coffee. I used to be able to buy a large double double for $1.45. It didn’t occur to me at first but two double double should cost $2.90 but is now $3.05. A large cup of double double is $1.52. This means that people will have to wait a little longer while the cashier gets the right amount of change.

I don’t understand what cost could have gone up. It’s the recession right now so shouldn’t prices be going down. Tim Horton’s is big enough that they shouldn’t have to worry about operational cost. Like my coworker said, if a company raises its price, Tim Horton’s can easily say “no” and find another vendor. They’re big enough that lots of people vendors will glad take their business.
I know that five cents isn’t that much but over time it adds up. It’s all the more reason not to go to Tim Horton’s anymore. For the same cost of a week’s worth of coffee, you can easily get your own coffee and brew it yourself. A container of ground coffee is somewhere around $7.00 or cheaper.

I’ve already gotten into the habit of not stopping by Tim Horton’s before going into work. I’m fortunate enough to have a coffee machine at home and at work. The only time I go to Tim Horton’s these days is when I’m hanging out with friends. But since the price as gone up, it kind of levels the playing field for other coffee shops.

As a consumer, I can easily refuse to pay a price for something by not shopping at that store. I don’t want to have to pay $1.52 for a large coffee anymore so I’ll be staying away from Tim Horton’s. I highly doubt that they’ll ever drop their prices so I might not be going back to them at all. Maybe I can start paying myself for coffee by throwing $1.52 into a jar every time I brew a large coffee. By the end of the year, I’ll probably have enough to buy something nice.

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  1. I totally agreed with you on this one. usually i don’t care much of small change.

    first of all, since the Tim Horton company brought by the US company around a 1 year ago or so. they had increasing their prices like 3 or 4 time with thin a year.

    The thing that pit me off the most was for a L coffee after tax total to $1.52 NOW. before, a few increase i don’t mind it at all.

    Prices Before.
    $1.13, I usually paid $1.25 and not take the change back
    $1.45, I usually paid $1.50 and not take the change back

    But now they trying to out smart us on their increasing. after tax to $1.52, that mean people with higher chance of paying $2.00 for a there L coffee, that is $48cents tips!,
    Reason I usually gave them $2.00 is one single cons, easy access.
    on the other hand, $1.75 that will be 1 loonies, and 3 quarter that 4 cons in total. to much hassel to gather enough for $.175.. also $1.52 is close to $2.00

    From today and onward.. i either go to StarBuck or Macdonald, their coffee just tasted and smell good in every way then Timhorton coffee. that because they use high premium been to brew the coffee. and right now at Macdonald you get can small coffee and a muffin for just a $1.38 and also the small cup is bigger then tim horton cups by the way.

    I notices something else to. before Tim Horton still owned by Canadian, the coffee tasted and smell and taste so good. and now a days, some reason after new owner came the coffee tasted like burn and smell sux!. i think change coffee to lower class been or something.

    Goodbye Tim horton!

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