Hosting upgrade

For a while now, I’ve wanted to upgrade my hosting package to something that would give me more space on the server. With all of my blog entries, I was slowly running out of space because of the pictures that I’ve been uploading. Even the entries themselves were taking up space on the database. I finally got a chance to upgrade my package so I’m hoping that the migration goes smoothly.

My previous package gave me 500MB of storage space, 10GB of bandwidth, 100 email address and one database. Surprising, I never went over my allotted quota. I was sure that with all of the images that I’ve been uploading that I’d be close to using up everything. The last time I checked, it was getting close to reaching my limit.

The upgraded package gives me 10GB of web space, 300GB bandwidth, 600 email and ten databases. That’s more than plenty for me. I upgraded from the basic package to the beginners package. The reason for the upgrade you might ask? Because it cost the same for the basic package as it does for the beginner’s package, $3.99 per year. I had no idea that it cost the same as my previous package but as soon as I found out, I upgraded immediately.

All this time, I kept an eye on my quota when I didn’t have to. I was worrying about being charged extra when I shouldn’t have. I only wished that I was notified of this early because then I could have taken advantage of it.

Now that I have all of this web space to play around with, I’ll be sure to take advantage of it. I’m in the process of migrating my blog’s database over to a database of its own. The same thing goes with my dad’s website. I’m hosting his stuff on my database but soon, it’ll be moved over to a database of it own. Each database is 100MB so to maximize the space I’ll be move each to its own.

So if all goes well, this site will still be up after the migration. If not, you’ll be seeing a bunch of WordPress error messages. Heck, if you’re reading this that means that all is good!

2 replies on “Hosting upgrade”

  1. dam, you still have time for blogging, I’m very impressed.

    what happen to all the fancy graphical stuff on your site?. I guest plain and simple is good! 🙂

    i was completely almost forgot about your site, haven’t visited your site for yrs.

    I was that bored, nothing to do. cleaning and organizing my Bookmarks. I realize that i bookmarks your site. I decided to tour around your site, see what you up to.. i was impressed that you still blogging, Job Well Done Don!.

  2. Of course I still have time for blogging. It doesn’t take that much time to type out stuff. It keeps me out of trouble. You might as well do something productive while you’re online, eh?

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