Wall paint pattern

We’re about done with the foyer. We’ve just finished painting the wall that leads to the upper floor. Rather than paint it a solid yellow like the rest of the foyer, we decided to give it a different look. As it stands, it gives the wall an “in your face” effect because of the design on it. I think the first thing that you’ll notice when you walk into the house is the fact that the walls are yellow but at the same time, I believe the patterns on the far wall will draw the eyes to it.

To get the effect, I had to tape off the sections where we didn’t want paint to get into. I took a level and used it to draw random four sided shapes. There really wasn’t any need for a ruler since we wanted the squares and rectangles to look random. It started with a large rectangle in the center and we went from there.

After the center piece, I got into the habit of draw smaller rectangles when I should have made them larger. It would have saved me some time and effect because the smaller the squares, the less space it would take up and the more of them that I had to do. Towards the end, Jenn recommended that I get the larger shapes in there so that we could get started on the painting.

Wall: Before
Painting the wall did not take long. I think we were able to cover the whole wall in a matter of minutes while it took me almost an hour to tape up each section. After taping up everything, it looked pretty good and I didn’t want to take the tape off but we couldn’t just let it sit there.

Wall: After
As you can see, the green background with the white squares seems a bit duller than the reverse. We weren’t aiming to make it bright since the yellow on the walls are taking care of that. The hallway does seem brighter in the morning and it’s nice that there’s something that’s not as bright to calm things down. The green that we used is the same green that we used for the living room so it’s a nice way of tying the two rooms together.

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  1. What a creative!!! I am trying to find a background color suitable with my room too… i wish i could do it soon…. since i have never painted…

  2. You know what, Daravuth? Painting is the easy part. It’s the preparation that you go through that takes a long time. Picking out a colour is not hard at all. Our hardware store have paint sections where they display a selection of colours for you to choose from. I think the best colour for bedrooms are light colours. It’s the first thing you’ll see when you wake up so shouldn’t be too bright. Just pick something that fits your taste.

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