Jenn and I have finally finished redecorating our foyer. It took us a few weeks but I’m glad that we’re done. Well, we’re not 100% done since we still have to paint the back portion of the wall but other than that, the major part of the work is complete.

It took us about two weeks to remove the wallpaper. The previous owners must have been very lazy because they just kept putting up wallpaper on top of wallpaper. It was a pain to remove but I was glad that we got rid of it all.

Front door: unfinished
In the above picture, you can see the different layers of wallpaper. These weren’t too hard to remove but on other areas of the wall, there was paint on top of the wallpaper. We had to scrap hard to get rid of them but not too hard because it would put a dent in the plaster behind it.

Front door: finished
Here’s the after picture of that section. This is our front door so as soon as you enter the house, you’ll be greet with this yellow ray of sunshine. Depending on how much light there is, the wall can appear bright yellow or a dull yellow.

Closet: unfinished
This is the other side of the door after all of that wallpaper was removed. We started fixing up the cracks with drywall compound. This process took us a few days because we had to let it dry before putting on the next layer. This part probably took us the longest because there were cracks everywhere. We had to make sure that the cracks were sealed so that they don’t show up through the paint. There were a few other sections that we had to fix as well. The wall directly behind the bathroom had to be replaced because my dad recently fixed the piping behind it. And what made that job hard was the fact that the pipe stuck out into the drywall so we had to get a meshed drywall sheet and fix the hole that way. I think I did a good job on that one because you can hardly see the hole now.

Closet: finished
The ceiling was painted white to cover up the dark blue. I’m not sure why they had it dark blue before since it didn’t match the wallpaper that was they had up. The only thing that it did match was the railing on the stairs but we’re going to change that as well. It doesn’t match the yellow on the wall. We’re thinking of giving it black coat of paint and be done with it.

Corner: finished
Painting all of the walls took us a day compared to all the scrapping and compounding we did. I thought that it would have taken longer but it was fairly quick. A coat of paint was all that was needed to finish up everything. There were some minor details that we have to take care of. For instance, in the picture below, you can see a thin red line above the door frame. I’m not sure exactly what the red line is but it’s seeping through the yellow paint. I’ve tried to cover it up with layers of yellow paint but it’s not helping. I may have to put on a few more coats before it finally disappears.

Stairs: finished
Now that the paint is done, we’re off to painting the back wall. Jenn was suggesting a design on it and I thought it was a great idea. It gives that back wall some life. It’s the widest and tallest wall in the house so we might as well do something with it. I’ll have pictures of that up once we’re done.

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