Wallpaper remover

Jenn and I are in the process of removing all of the wallpaper in our foyer. We’re giving the foyer a new colour but before we do that, we had to remove the wallpaper. All five or six layers of it. It’s a long and tedious process but we found a way to remove it a lot quicker than just scraping it off.

The previous owners of the house applied wallpaper after wallpaper. I guess that’s the easiest thing to do when you want to cover up something. The first layer of wallpaper had a floral design. Once we’ve removed that layer, we thought we were done because it looked like wood behind it but that was wallpaper as well. We spend almost a whole week remove bits and pieces of wallpaper until Jenn found a YouTube video that explains wallpaper removal for dummies.

There were a couple of methods that you could choose from. Method one requires the use of a product known as Dif and method two involves fabric softener. We used Dif on the first day but we eventually ran out. We were too lazy to spend money on another bottle so we tried the fabric softener method. It worked just as well as Dif and it made the room smell nicer.

The wallpaper remover solution involves mixing 25% fabric softener to 75% hot water into a spray bottle. Once you’ve mixed the two, you give it a light shake and you’re ready to go. First, you’ll have to score the wallpaper to allow the solution to seep through and do its work on the glue. Let it sit for a minute or so and then you can start peeling away the wallpaper. The solution worked so well that we probably didn’t even need a scrap to remove it.

Unfortunately for us, there was paint behind the layers of wallpaper. Behind the layer of paint was more wallpaper. So the solution helped in removing the layers of wallpaper but we ran into an obstacle once we’ve reached the paint. In order to get underneath the paint, we would have to scrap off every inch of paint before getting to the wallpaper beneath it. Fortunately, we only had this issue for one part of the ceiling. We’re just going to paint over that when it comes time.

It might have taken us a couple of weeks but we did manage to remove all of the wallpaper on the wall. We didn’t work all day and all night so that’s why it took us so long. Jenn and I worked on it when I was home from work. She’s work on it during parts of the night and I would continue in the morning as she rested. We’re on to the drywall compounding stage where we patch up the holes and fix the cracks. We agreed to do it properly so we’re going to apply the compound, give it sufficient time to draw and then layer on a few more. Plus, there are some larger cracks to fix and a whole section of wall to replace. I can’t wait till we get the first coat paint.