Hosting upgrade

For a while now, I’ve wanted to upgrade my hosting package to something that would give me more space on the server. With all of my blog entries, I was slowly running out of space because of the pictures that I’ve been uploading. Even the entries themselves were taking up space on the database. I […]

Dear Don

If I could write a letter to myself in the past, it would contain a lot advice pertaining to life. I’d tell myself to smarten up and work harder in school, make a lot of friends and be less shy. There are things that I would like to change about the younger me but if […]


Jenn and I have finally finished redecorating our foyer. It took us a few weeks but I’m glad that we’re done. Well, we’re not 100% done since we still have to paint the back portion of the wall but other than that, the major part of the work is complete. It took us about two […]

West coast: Los Angeles

A couple of weeks ago, my work place had to shutdown for the summer. It was some sort of cost saving initiative or something so everyone had to take their vacation during that time. I only had one week left for vacation so I worked during the second week of the shutdown. Jenn and I […]

Wallpaper remover

Jenn and I are in the process of removing all of the wallpaper in our foyer. We’re giving the foyer a new colour but before we do that, we had to remove the wallpaper. All five or six layers of it. It’s a long and tedious process but we found a way to remove it […]

Follow the leader

1/25 sec | f5.6 | 55mm It rained so lightly today that I didn’t even know it was raining at all. Jenn and I were inside removing wallpaper in preparation for a new coat of paint. When we went outside, we saw this on the rose bush.