There is no dog

When I was in high school, I loved science class. I was fascinated with all the cool things that the teacher was telling us. I loved it more than math. If computers didn’t get in the way, I would have probably turned out to be a scientist. I’ve always found it fascinating when they discovery new things.

Science class was the one class that I looked forward to attending. I didn’t always like the teacher because some teachers can’t really teach. They say that “those who can do but those who can’t teach.” What do you do if you can’t do and can’t teach?

I’ve had some lousy teachers during my days but there are the few that stands out and captures the imagination of a teenager. Those are the teacher that makes the difference. I’ve been lucky enough to have two. And although they weren’t computer teachers, they did teach me some valuable lessons in life.

Anyway, my most memorable science class was when we did an experiment that requires the use of a microscope. We got the class to look at small things up close like a strand of hair, a dime and some cells. When I looked at a strand of hair up close, I was fascinated by the way it looks because it’s not as smooth as you think it would be. One of my class mates dyed her hair often and when we looked at her hair, it was almost transparent. I don’t know if that was caused by all the bleaching or not but I had no idea that it was that transparent.

For the close up of the cell, we had to scrape off a bit of skin from the inside of our mouth and place it on a slide. When we placed it underneath the microscope, it was hard to see so we had to add a little iodine to help outline the walls of a cell membrane. It was interesting to see the lining of the cell walls but I don’t think the magnification was strong enough to see the nucleus. Maybe we were able to see a little dot but I don’t quite remember.

But those two close ups were nothing compared to the close up of the Canadian dime. On one side of the dime is a ship called the Bluenose, a Canadian schooner from Nova Scotia. I think the ship was placed on the coin because it won the 1921 International Fishermen’s Race. I remember looking into it when I was in high school and seeing a dog at the back of the ship.


As you can see now, there doesn’t appear to be a dog on board. I think it might have been the imagination of a teenager that saw the dog because it’s no longer visible. My coworker took this picture using a powerful microscope in the engineering lab. He checked out a few older dimes as well in case they might have taken the dog off for the newer coins but those came out negative as well.

The whole dime and dog thing was just a curiosity that I’ve had since high school. I thought it was cool that they were able to add a dog onto the back of the ship but I guess it turned out to be my wild imagination. But still, it’s nice to see things up close like that. Things look a lot different when you look at it from a different perspective.