High school

My youngest brother recently graduated from middle school on Monday and will be going to high school in September. He’s the youngest of five boys so he gets spoiled rotten. I even find myself treating him a lot better than the other guys. But he’s getting to that age where he has to stop getting hand out from his older brothers. We give him many things from games to money but eventually he has to learn to get all of that on his own.

By the time I was his age, I was working the odd jobs here and there. I worked on the farm during the summer to earn spending money so I wouldn’t have to ask my parents for allowance. The jobs that I did weren’t hard but they were tedious. I would be up by 5:00am to get to work for 7:00am. I learned the value of hard work during those summers and I was proud that I was earning something on my own. Some of the jobs were piece work where you would get paid by how much you actually work. For example, picking strawberries. The owner of the farm would pay so much per basket so depending on how much you picked, you could earn quite a bit of money.

My youngest brother, Kevin doesn’t work right now. At least I don’t think he’s working. He spends most of his time outside playing sports with his friends or indoors playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live. I tried to teach him the value of a dollar but I failed at it because I was spoiling him too much. A couple of Christmases ago, I told him that I’d help him get an Xbox 360 if he did some chores around the house. If he took out the garbage every week, I would give him $5. I agree that $5/week is a lot for five minutes of work. I’m not sure what I was thinking but I might have to try this again with a lower amount.

Now that he’ll be going into high school, I’ve recommended to him that he starts saving for college now. Kevin’s a good kid and he understands the concept of saving up to buy things but it’s the concept of saving over the long run that he doesn’t quite grasp yet. Usually, he’ll save up for a video game and once he has enough, he’ll go out to the store and buy it. But lately, I’ve been conveying to him that the idea of gaming can be placed on hold when it comes to his education. Of course, he being a gamer made a remark that he could get a job as a game tester. If he’s lucky enough to find a job that will pay him to test games, good for him. But I told him that testing games should be a backup plan to finishing his education.

He has four years of high school and if he starts saving now, he’ll have enough to start post secondary. I’ve been putting a little bit aside for him and Tonee but my saving alone will not be enough to pay for all of his schooling. I’ve been saving for about two years now so Kevin has $2,383.70 allocated to him so by the time he’s done high school, I’ll have enough to help him out with first year’s tuition because after that, he’s on his own.

I’ll continue to hammer the idea of savings into his brain and I hope that he’ll learn to save now and more so in the future. Everyone knows that there will always be a case where you will need cash for emergency but hardly anyone is willing to save up for it. It doesn’t hurt to start saving young because compound interest is your friend.